Opinion: It's Time for More Katamari

Opinion: It's Time for More Katamari

Katamari Damacy may be getting a remake. It deserves a full sequel.

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Yes please!


I really enjoyed the Katamari games. Honestly I'd be okay if they just continued to release Katamari songs: it was the quirkiness of the soundtrack and the upbeat energy it brought to the experience that really made the game fun.

It's mentioned in the article, but you should play donut county. It's pricey on consoles but $5 on iOS. Plus you get stickers that I use to react to when my girlfriend sends me r34 of Shrek.

I would love to see this come to PC. But my daughter has a Switch now, so maybe I can, um... Steal it sometimes. :D

Yes, there's about a bazillion jillion more stars we could roll up. We should get on that.

my girlfriend sends me r34 of Shrek.

Because you're into that? Or because you're not?


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