Digest: Six Guns and Laser Swords

Digest: Six Guns and Laser Swords

Red Dead 2 previews, and a disturbance in the force of Star Wars films.

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I'd say lots of missed opportunities. Given that RDR is in full-out hype mode and not out to public for over a month maybe The escapist could use the opportunity of reporting what others write about this incoming behemoth to bring up to limelight all the little gems that pop up and are unnoticed (as per personal preference: Underhero, Phantom doctrine, new scenario of Frostpunk, upcoming Valkyria chroinicles and Pathfinder games to name few).

Similar situation with Star Wars. Mad props to Bob Iger but he is in full out damage control mode and his narrative, although being balm to wounded and broken community clearly doesn't add up.
No mention of colossal, enthusiastic reception of Clone Wars announcement (97% positive out of ~300k within 6.5 mill views) and polar opposite reception of Star Wars Resistance (92% negative out ~ 150k within 1.5 mill views).
No mention of silencing and evaporating from public view of Lucasfilm President (for over half a year now), who no longer participates in announcing and promoting works of the very company she runs.

It is rather clear, that over saturation is an excuse and not a real issue. That being franchise fanbase is interested in more of universe they already know and fell in love with, not 'radical changes'. That especially when new owner just came into the house and blew up unscrupulously entire EU (which fanbase already got use to throughout the years of SW cannon content drought) and starting to add up to cannon 'innovative' stories inconsistent with previously established characters and universe settings.

It is just another story of 'just because you had excessive amount of money to purchase the brand doesn't mean you acquired knowledge and insight to how the brand works and what are customers interested in'. It would be wise to first try and replicate, what already worked with given product and learn the business, before going all out with experimentation. That in truth is what Bob conveys with his too much too fast message.


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