Stolen Pixels #79: Left 4 Dumb: Part 1

Stolen Pixels #79: Left 4 Dumb: Part 1

You hope you get matched up with athletes, soldiers, and scientists when the zombiepocalypse hits. Instead, you get these guys.


Hahahahaha I didn't see that coming at all, but I guess I should have. Very nice :)

This had better have an 'I HATE [xyz]' from Francis at some point... or does he just hate the rest of the team?

Bravo, very nice! :)

Playing with 3 Stupid People in Left 4 Dead = Frustrating

Playing with 1 or 2 Stupid People in Left 4 Dead = A more accurate approximation of the "Zombie" movie. It can lead to some pretty awesome moments caused by said dumbness.

Playing with No Stupid People = Well you win, but the experience is less worthwhile.

hahaha love it! I am pretty sure when playing Left 4 Dead that I am a Stupid Person :( But I guess someone has to be!

Heheh, love it ;) Although the griefers can't steal all the supplies; fortunately Valve did think that far ahead ;)


This had better have an 'I HATE [xyz]' from Francis at some point... or does he just hate the rest of the team?


I hate sharing.

Hey Shamus, give us a link to a zoom on the movie poster, so we can read the fine print?

If there was a real Zombie apocalypse, I can see myself copying Francis :P

"I hate cooperation."

You can see a larger version of the movie poster here:

Along with some malefactor's commentary.

Brilliant :D.

Great, can't wait for the rest.

P.S. I'm sorry if this sounds like a nitpick but for future notice Garry's Mod has 2 R's not one like you had on the poster.

"I hate thoughts guys."

And yes, I can be a dumb ass in Left 4 Dead, usually when I get pissed at sneaky hunters and chase them into a trap.

It's pretty fun to be a douchebag if you play with people who suck.

I had two friends over once, they were playing splitscreen on 360 while I were observing. One was a survivor, other one was infected. The infected guy were playing Smoker on No Mercy 1. The infected guy gets mad because his teammates are idiots and all suck. So when one of the boomers stand on the edge of a rooftop ready to ambush the survivors, the infected guy hits him in the back so he falls down right in the survivors view and he's pretty far away and can't bile them. XD

Ah well, incredible comic.


all the guys are surprise to see a Girl. Bill is mad funny being so dumb

A comic series with humor & zombies...I'm so on-board!


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