Doomguy Is the Perfect FPS Protagonist

Doomguy Is the Perfect FPS Protagonist

It's hard to imagine a world without Doom. In 1993, the game burst onto the scene with a chainsaw and a rocket launcher and solidified the first person shooter as the dominant genre it is today. From the weapon selection to the level design to the pacing of combat, modern shooters continue to use tropes codified by Doom. Id Software is still making Doom games 26 years later with the upcoming Doom Eternal. To call Doom the most influential shooter in gaming history is an understatement. Doom is an institution.

Even the protagonist, Doomguy, has become an icon of the medium. In the first game, players only knew him a grizzled face and a series of grunts. Later games gave him even less development. Doomguy isn't even a character. He has no backstory, voice, or depth. But there's something about Doomguy that makes him interesting: Doomguy is you.

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Just like Doomguy's other persona, Link.


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