Zero Punctuation: MadWorld

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews MadWorld.

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With this and HOTD, I may just buy a Wii just to experience these games.

Then again, I already played through HOTD at a friend's house and this game doesn't interest me THAT much to play so I'm still stuck on the fence.

Excellent as always, and i agree, the wii does not deserve a game like that.
But again, i guess it's worth to play it just for the laughs... and the gore perhaps

Haha, nice. I dislike the departure from funny slaughter of a game to serious reviewing you seem to have taken though.

TOP 10 comment ftw!

Madworld is awesomely awesome.

Awesome and hilarious as always, but I'm not sure whether he think's it's good or not. I think he's trying to say that he would like it if it was on something else than the Wii.

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another brutal ripping of the wii, well done, it deserves all the shit it gets

They just need something to fill the hole that is the wii. An interesting idea of a consol which only comes out as an idea, too bad it wasn't cheaper and came with more games that are made for flailing. Atleast it gave some fun before chugging to a halt.

Hahahaha, very well done Yahtzee!

The balloon was a perfect way to describe the game.

Just brilliant!

And thus the phrase "Spectacle Fighter" was born much to our collective delight.

The deflating balloon and the sunset were accents on a standard Zero Punctuation entry, meaning that it's informative while being sarcastic and brilliant while being hilarious.

Has Pedigree Chums been paying to have its name be said or read at least once now? >_>

I'm surprised the noticable slowdown wasn't mentioned.
And Godhand being mentioned made me very, very happy.

Hmm...Madworld was my hope for a mature audience on the Wii, along with HOTD and the Conduit later this year.

There's so few games on it that I'd want to play on it, I think I have to agree with Yahtzee and hope developers give up on the system and focus on the other two for the mature audiences.

awesome as usual

Another great review. I really appreciated the "A Clockwork Orange" reference.

The Wii comments are awesome as always.

"Spectacle fighting", huh? I suppose that's actually one of my choice genres, as it's just plain fun to tear through legions of baddies in the coolest-looking ways possible...and get rewarded for being awesome.

Why dont you just stop reviewing games for Nintendo if you hate them so mutch. Its getting pretty boring to listen to you wine about Nintendo all the time. It seems like nomather what comes out for it you will hate it.

Well done Yahtzee! I think everyone would like to know WHY THE FUCK IS THIS GAME ON THE Wii???

I really enjoyed Madworld found the levels, bosses, music and voice work all top notch. I do agree with his statement about it being on the wii, this quite easily could have been an excellent 360 game. However for the price I paid for it I had massive amounts of fun, now if only HOTD would come down in price!

another brutal ripping of the wii, well done, it deserves all the shit it gets

Heard that. I wish they would make all games available for Gamecube controllers also, or at least something else than the Wii Remote. I'd even go with a N64 controller, despite it's unpractical, uncool, stupid shape (although I guess they needed a way to fit all the buttons there)

Spectacle Fighter? Hm, sounds like a good name for that genre.

Plus, if I want to kill things with spectacle, I'll go play Team Fortress 2 and use explosives to reduce people to giblets.

That said, well done, Yahtzee, you have again de-bleakened another Wednesday.

great vid guys nice job maybe next time you can do godfather2

The Wii deserves more than minigame compilations. Doesn't have to be a bloodfest, but it does deserve more.

Haven't seen him pull out the grinder in a while.

I thought this game looked rather damp-pants the first time I saw it on a shelf. It being on the Wii only exacerbates it's God-awful pooeyness.
The cell shading thing doesn't help.

I enjoyed the review though, it kept me giggling for a few minutes (which is just about as happy as I'm going to get until I can go home and have a wank).

Is it wrong to like the sunset screen the most in this review?

Why isn't this showing up for me? Tried on Firefox, tried on Chrome, doesn't work at all.

Nice, and I agree with you, the only thing that makes the game popurlar is that it is a violent game on the Wii.

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