Unforgotten Realms: Episode 30: Now You're Thinking with Silver Keys

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Lmao Love the scene with Schmoopy in the Background just looting random old crap that I'm sure half of the fans forgot about (Tint and Flinder, Tent, Axe/Key etc)

"Sweet, my beard! Wait... I can loot a beard?"

And same here Shadowsin, I had to rewatch the scene with Mike and Gavin because I was listening to Schmoopy be epic XD

I'm gonna go threw withdrawal without UR, I hope you decide to cut your break short. And I wanna see Petey do a hyper beam in season 3!

What an awesome ending!

I can't wait untill the next episode.

great episode

Hahahaha, awesome episode Rob

"I can loot a beard?"

SWEET episode! didn't the judge die though? oh well.
I wanna cast a spell.....

Please tell me escapist signed for a season 3...~!!!!

Great work. I almost spit up my pasta when I saw Roamin talking about the show not making sense and Garry suddenly reappearing. Way to have a sense of humor about the inane ramblings of fanboys like myself

Season 3 on the way and the rumored season 1 dvd aimed for this Christmas, this show has so much ahead of it. I can't wait and I'm glad you are letting the viewers along for the ride

that episode has to be the best in the series hands down!

I think the episode will start in the original's graphics. They went back in time through the intro. *nod*

Also, since ROAMIN, MIGHT be a Shaman, he may just Self-rez. ;P

My thoughts.


season two already? aww

AWESOME!.....lmao at the judge getting insult and the second floor guy can't wait for next weeks......btw.....I CAST FLARE!

p.s. didnt schmoopy forget to loot his DW shields?

Now onto Season 3.

"Suck My Presidential balls Bitch" LMAO Anyone Think honest abe may be schmoopy's future self and how did he loot a beard from a body that never had one I mean I suppose he may have shaved off some of the wolf's fur and stuck it into a beard shape but he didn't really have the time and didn't the well key go when he blew up his original body to rekill the beggar OK I know Im overanalyzing but still thats just the kind of nitpicky Individual I am Im sorry

"Plan c the window?"

"Oh man, my silver key ax"

I love classic references.

I thought Schmoopy was level 2 in the wolf body..oh wellz. I stopped caring about what Gavin was talking about after about the third item that Schmoopy pulled out...might have to re-watch that part.

Awesome but still, what happened to Petey and Jaque. Well, I don't really care what happened to Jaque (least favorite character) but Petey is just awesome... Well at any rate great episode.

HATE AGAINST THE FRENCH...or magical axes.....


Abe Lincoln is the greatest evar!

Ah, I think I see where this going now. The stone head hasn't been forgotten like we thought. Abe had Schmoopy's curse and Schmoopy's beard. Perhaps he was Schmoopy, but sent back in time by our puzzle-giving friend. That would also explain why he's a sorcerer.

i cracked up at the fight scene...it looked like a headbutting match

What the crap.

That is all.

Guys I dont think Roamin multiclassed shaman. In dungeons and dragons barbarians can go into a rage or fury, basically they become a hell of alot stronger and angrier for a short amount of time.

The only problem with my theory however is that barbarians cant be lawful ailinment wise.
Paladins on the other hand have to be lawful good no matter what, which is why he had to follow the guys orders and give the crystal so Im assuming. Either way even if this series doesnt ever make any sense I still find it awsome.

10/10 Rob good work.

Paladins do not have to be exclusively Lawful or even Good anymore (or at least for a while they didn't need to be) if you make use of certain rulebooks... plus I doubt any D&D rules really matter to this awesome creation. All of the assassin stuff is more like Assassin's Creed than anything really in D&D as far as I know.

...That episode made no sense at all.

Then again, neither did the entire season.

Well at least Gaary doesnt have to worry about getting punched in the chicken salad sandwitch anymore

also i was half-expecting the flare to fly thru the intro

that paladin makes a good point, this show is making less and less sense every episode.

You do realize that line was specifically designed to make fun of comments like yours, right?

Noooo! Roamin! Don't leave us! Anyway, great episode

Not really that funny, but moves along the plot nicely...

That was freaking awesome Rob, Except for the fact that I now officially have no clue whatsoever as to what is going on. Abe calling the judge was awesome though.



I love it when you bring back old gags, I almost thought Abe's ace in the hole would be worthless because of how long Mr. Judge's phone rang. Does this mean that Roamin is permanently dead because Lincoln totally Jihaded Gavin in the face and the poor stone paladin was right there?
One more question, what was Roamin multiclassing anyway?

sorca/pally it says in an earlier episode from season one i believe where roamin says he went to sorcerer U so yeah

That's wrong, sorry. If you listened to Abrahama Lincoln, he said "You dare to attack a pupil of sorcery?" 'Cause Roamin went Sorcerer. It's not Shmoopy 'cause right now he's still an Assassin. And Mike didn't get attacked, even though he's a sorcerer now. So yeah, it's Pally/Sorc, not Pally/Fighter, not Pally/Barbarian. Thus why he said 'I'm gonna do something SO stupid, etc etc", which would be going multi-classing into Pally/Sorc. x3

I thought that for a moment, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't sorcery, someone said barbarian another said fighter.

Woot, Cant wait for series 3! Man, who here remembers when rob was just some guy on youtube who made Warcraft Videos? I sure as hell remember...Pepitoz And Jimmy Shall live on in our hearts! Then Unforgotten realms came and Wowed EVERYTHANG AND EVERYBAHDY....

Lol suk my presidential bawlls bitch. :O lol win sauce on the awesome pasta, great season!

great work but dont kill Roamin please

Wow just wow Rob. This was totally epic. Awesome work! Keep on going like this, and your series will make it into TV(seriously it wont, but maybe there is a tiny chance)! Greetings from Germany as always and...let's see....one-hundred-fifth!!!

where can I download that awesome fight music?

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