Alt+Escape: Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar

Alt+Escape: Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar

Yep, it's pretty much all right there in the title.

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Well, if that's not one of the best game titles ever...

If only more mainstream games had such literal titles.

I may actually try and play it, at some point. :)

Best. Title. Ever.

Now, if only the game would load...

It was really good, I enjoyed it, especially the cutscenes where they just roared with subtitles.

Imah chargin' mah lazer! :)

The cutscenes in this are hilarious, and pretty much worth the play through.

"Like us, these humans are... DINO-TASTIC"

heh roarbeam...

I like the game, but...

Why oh why are all these games wasting their great titles on arcade clones, heh.

after playing through, my only complaint is the lack of a pause button for when my boss comes in at work

It really is the best flash game that I have ever played, ever.

Best flash game I've played in a long time. The cutscenes were beyond epic.

i din't even reach 10 minutes...
but it was indeed dino-tastic

Just how many roars are in the ending, anyway?

Did you guys notice Tyrannosaurus X was eating that guy when he says "TO THE SKIES!"?

I randomly found this game earlier in the week... and i am so glad that it hasn't gone unnoticed... It is just hilarious and pretty fun actually... good times good times

It always bugs me how you can't move when you accidently move your cursor outside the flash game. Trying to stay close to the edge to avoid baddies or gunfire will result in a lot of damage, because youll get stuck, and take more damage.

Otherwise, interesting game. ROAAAAARRRRR.

That was cool as hell. I just wish it was longer

"Now the Earth is safe for another 10 jillion years!"

Best. Flash. Game. Evar!

I played the day before it was featured and thought this would be a good choise. Im Psycic Wooo.

But for real, Best Alt+escape EVER.

Best. Flash. Game. EVARR

Like us, these humans are - DINO - TASTIC!!

That was pure amazingness. Made my day.

Saw that one before on Kong. XD It's great... for, indeed, about a minute or so.

One of the most epic games...ever


Good times.

More games need to be this direct.

I dunno, I sort of felt the storyline was too involved and the characters weren't believable enough.


pure genius

That was simply epic.
I laughed the whole way through :D

this is the greatest thing i have ever playes, screw you COD.

RWOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAR! this game is dino-tastic.
It is a bucketfull of a lolz



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