Zero Punctuation: Siren Blood Curse

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Thanks a lot yatzee. I just googled anencephalic. And now my sphincter has closed up and I will get piles.

The review was average.

Best one in awhile... hehe


Sight Jacking...I didn't notice it the first time I watched it :(
Lol that was funneh :D

not as good as some of the other episodes, but still brutally honest. Yahtzee has that way of pointing things out about games that you never noticed before, and then hitting you in the head with them. Really dug the Monkey Island cameo though

Ugh, so that's how you get out of the first stage?

I hated the first Siren. I will admit the brightness on my TV is irreversibly shot, but even pumping it up to max brightness wasn't enough to help me see where the hell I was going and stop from getting shot. Once I was used to this hurdle, I was shot anyways. The game was so painfully linear, that deviating a little from it meant you died immediately. This is nothing but frustration to a gamer like myself, so no thanks. I expected nothing less from the sequel.

I loved Siren Blood Curse. Baaaaaw. It's exactly what I like in survival horror. Your review made me laugh a lot though.

I agree about Bella. I swear when she finally got out from under that trunk, I was ready to kill her myself, if I wasn't busy being caught on fire.

This goes out to Spyalt and anyone else who didn't like Siren Blood Curse or the previous two games, yet enjoyed Silent Hill 1 and 2 (and it'll be hard to find a gamer worth his salt who didn't). Are you an idiot? This game is a gem in my opinion, and at this point after the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series have been ruined, could have been the future of survival horror were it not for douchebags complaining that it's too watered down with Japanese culture (you'll play their games but not enjoy a story told in their land, with their culture? That's a douche), and that the controls are difficult. The controls are not that difficult really, and if anything they are meant to limit you to the realities of a life or death situation like this. No amazing feats of human strength and etc. So yeah, this isn't Resident Evil 5 invincible losers overcoming impossible situations. Without adding spoilers, the story makes the difficulty of the game make sense and the fact that while playing and while watching cutscenes characters are often overwhelmed by the odds and die, makes sense.

This game was partially designed by a member of the Silent Hill 1 team. It is just as engaging and entertaining as SH1 and 2 and Blood Curse, with it's American lead characters (two are still Japanese, one is playable, and the enemies except one are Japanese) is NOT watered down by too much foreign culture. This is a long ass comment so I'll keep the rest brief...If you don't play this game then turn in your survival horror player card. It is incredibly fun as sometimes you must run and hide and sometimes you must fight, depending on the situation and who you are playing as at that moment. The only two complaints I have are A. the downloads can be annoying, so either download all at once or be prepared to take some breaks in between episodes, and B. gunplay is good but most of the time you will have infinite ammo. Although, I did once run out of ammo and did not expect it, nor did I expect the brush hatchet to the face. Also don't be jarred by people complaining about the camera, it's very similar to the silent hill games with the option to use first-person mode the whole game if you want, and if you have trouble with the camera it's just because you suck at the game lol...that said, go forth and buy it so i can get a god damn sequel dammit it's the only game that has scared me since Silent Hill 2. ok go do it please

Review was average. And fyi, "HIV virus" is a redundancy. You'd say "AIDS virus" or "HIV."

I probably giggled more than I should have at the sight of the eye...jacking. Something just so amusing about that image. Also, your hatred for the little girl was amusing in the amount of bile it bought up. Escort games in any kind of game can be a pain unlike anything else, so I imagine we've all had those feelings of rage.

That said, I do think the review on this game is a little harsh. Some valid points, especially about the damn recaps. I don't care if things were episodic on release. Someone buys a boxed copy, it is unlikely they need reminded of something they just played. I already sort of covered escort missions being annoying so we'll leave that. Now, those aside, I think the game has a little more going for it. As Ben pointed out, sightjacking is a great feature with a lot of possibilities for stealth play. Works especially well, since, while you can use it to avoid your foes, you are still alert and tense, since you can make a flaw once completing your route. I suppose it just seems strange to me that Ben wouldn't like this when he liked Amnesia. Could be the story, now there is a dividing factor.

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