Cactus at the Speed of Light

Cactus at the Speed of Light

What do you get when you combine a fertile imagination, Game Maker, and cactus? Lots and lots of games.

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I've been using Game Maker for a while, but there's no way I could make a game in a day, let alone 4 hours.

The guy's talented, no doubt about it.

Talented and bizarre! Kudos for Catus' mind-bending and surreal games :)

Hm, I might give Game Maker a try.

I never finished making a game in RPG Maker.

I've actually dabbled with Game Maker myself a few years back. It's a pretty awesome program for beginners (and experts alike) that can be extended through by learning optinoal GM script/coding.

Impressive stuff, I'll have to remember to check out his stuff when I get out of work. I'd do it here but the company filters his site.

I'm planning to buy The Game Maker's Apprentice soon enough as a starter so I can build up a small portfolio before I graduate, I'll be teaching myself how to program over the summer too so I can hopefully get a work placement in my third year with Rockstar Leeds. These are pretty epic, 4 hours, you say? It took me a few weeks to come up with my first game and it wasn't too good, if anyone's interested here's the link.

Anyway, as I say, it's not that good and a lack of ideas has stopped me from making more. However, I fully intend to do some more games when I get the right ideas :)

Whoah. I actually "knew" Cactus back in the day, in the internet sort of way. We were both members of a forum for people who made games with Game Maker. He's a cool guy, and surprisingly normal considering the surreality of his games. It's cool that he seems to be getting semi-internet-famous recently.


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