TGC 2009: Hal Halpin Interview

Hal Halpin Interview

The Escapist sits in on Hal Halpin's interview at Triangle Game Conference. He discusses DRM and ECA's suggestions to the FTC for improving consumer's knowledge of the issue.

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Seing what Mr Halpin had to say was nice, and knowing that consumer views are being represented at that sort of level is comforting, but without a counterpoint or response from the other (ie: publishers') side, there's not much of interest here.

I like that hes making a point on disclosure of the TOS for PC games in stores. Its always annoyed me that you cannot see what your agreeing to until after you have effectively agreed to it; which is why reading the TOS/EULA for PC games is so redundant despite devs & publishers continuing to say "well if you dont like it, dont agree to it." Anything that can sort that mess out is only for the good imo


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