Twitter, streaming movies, little-known sci-fi shows and the season finale of Lost. It all makes sense, trust us.

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Meh Roku player is only average. I got it for my sister as her christmas present and half of the time the movie has to buffer itself. Roku just streams their movies. It doesn't pre-load or anything just streams.

I like Tweetdeck, functions well and isn't obtrusive, of course it's free so you don't have anything to lose if you try it.

Chris Hardwick:
Let's put that into annoying relative terms: You could sperm a girl into pregnancy on Wednesday and she could be squeezing out a reasonably well-formed human as the next new episode airs.

...eww. Couldn't you have put that in words that were less likely to put me off my lunch?

(Good article btw.)

I would LOVE Lost to just be a dream. At the last episode all the cast are about to die on a sinking ship, and then JJ Abrams wakes up and says "Well that made no sense" and procedes to turn that cheese induced dream into a TV series. And the circle is complete.

Twitter is useless, the iPhone sucks, streaming movies only works if you have a sufficiently fast internet connection, and Lost is pseudo-intellectual rubbish.

I can't say I think much of your choices, but then, I post articles to forums, use a Nokia E71, still buy DVDs because my internet connection is too slow, and only watch a very limited set of programs, all on the BBC (Doctor Who, Top Gear and Formula One).

Chris Hardwick:
...the season finale of Lost. It all makes sense...

Tantalizing juxtaposition.

I enjoyed this read even though I lack twitter and do not watch lost. I always enjoy the readings from the nerdist that is hardwick.

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