Zero Punctuation: Valkyria Chronicles

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Valkyria Chronicles

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Valkryia Chronicles.

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Woot an RPG. I'd almost lost hope :)

did you stalk Zero puncuation video gallaries for the exact moment Yahtzee uploaded the video just so you could say that?

Loved it.
Guess he is a Nazi Sympathizer.

He sounded like he was making fun of autistic people at "how I feel about JRPGs"

Good aside from that,

It sounds almost good yet somehow, not.

One of Yahtzee's absolute best! I'm not sure why but I get a great degree of relaxation and satisfaction out of watching him pull his hair out. hmm...

Do you think he'll ever do some older games? I'd love to see reviews of Oddworld or Hitman or something like those.

Another amusing episode. This was a jRPG, I wonder why Mr. Croshaw wants to review one?

I really hate those jrpgs. Great review.

Pretty good :P Yatzee on form! Not his best but still very good

Nicely done, I was wondering when a JRPG would rear it's ugly head. The last one I played was Lost Odyssey. I never made it past the second disk.

"Schmazi Gormtroopers" are the two greatest words I've heard today.

And definitely check out "one o'dem Xcom games", as long as it's the first one.

LOL quality as always.

Love that Republicans and compassion joke.

pretty good review

Sergent Grif:
did you stalk Zero puncuation video gallaries for the exact moment Yahtzee uploaded the video just so you could say that?

No, but this is the first on a small lists of sites that I hit first right after work!, that maybe a "yes" Ahh hell, here comes another restraining order....


Well watching that saved me from buying a PS3 for the sole purpose of playing Valkryia Chronicles. Guess I'll stick to my PC for gaming and hope we get more JRPG's withing the next decade or two.
As for the review hilarious as always.

Micromanagement Motherfuckery lol. Couldn't have said it better myself. I used to enjoy games like Front Mission back when I was a wee lad. I must of been a bit of a masochist. Not a fan of games like this nowadays. Also I don't consider a game like this a JRPG. More of a fake ass turn based strategy game combed over with anime and lame ass story.

I love Valkyria Chronicles, but Yahtzee's review was top fucking notch as usual.

That was good. Never thought he would do a jrpg again. Never heard about this game before but I might try it out sometime. The turnbased stuff does sound fun.

I was laughing all the way to the bank. ROFL!

Meh. That was...bland. The jokes were not particularly funny - all of them based of mindless stereotypes, the complaints were 90% nit-picking at best - at least in his other reviews there are usually complaints I can agree with - but not in this one.

I liked it, but ive seen better or perhaps i just dont like jrpgs

never played the game now i am sure i never will want too guess ill go back to my final fantasy tactics

Haha, the expression of his feeling for JRPG was funny! Good episode, I like when he does JRPG, just purely negative

the only truly great turn based jrpg (sorta) type that i actually liked and will always like was shining force 2 for the mega drive

but even that was a little wordy

GuNsLiNgEr X:

*facepalm* Do you even care about the review or do you just want everyone to see you say the word fourth?

That was funny, "After I wake up and have another missing house pet and I have blood in my teeth." lol

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