Stolen Pixels #91: Print is Dead

Stolen Pixels #91: Print is Dead

Veteran game journalist Travis Taylor is back with's call it "wisdom."

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Yes seriously valve, what the hell?

Duke Nukem Tycoon sounds oddly compelling. Keep the DNF team alive for twelve more years while keeping their creativity elevated so they can finish the game!

I want to read that mag now. You really need to go into PR Shamus.

Leisure Suit Larry with a light saber? I'd play that.

Fantastic Shamus!

Nice to see Travis is still keeping busy, even if that just means being off his face...

Print is not dead, nor will it ever die. This is for one simple reason: the domain name service. The domain name service, you see, has within its servers a massive database that links the numeric IP adresses to the more easy-to-remember written web addresses we take for granted. And while the domain name service does have multiple server/databases spread out across America, and parts of Europe (I also believe they are working on setting up shop in China as well), these servers are still prime targets for anti-globalization terrorists. If such a group were successful in shutting down or worse, destroying these server/databases, the internet as we know it would cease to exist, and any data that we had had on it, would be lost forever (unless of course, you had kept the data for your site on a hard drive somewhere). You may be wondering why I would have devoted time to working out how to destroy the internet... Well, you see, after taking an internet class at UCR, I got involved in creating a new table-top RPG (there was talk of adapting it to a LARP, but I don't think that'll pan out very well) based around modern espionage. Naturally, such an RPG would involve stopping (or aiding) terrorists at some point, and I thought that this DNS scenario would be more interesting than the typical "disarm the bomb already you fuck-tard".

Shamus, shut up and go make that magazine! I don't care if it's all fiction.

Print is not dead, nor will it ever die. This is for one simple reason: the domain name service... blahblahblah

The DNS doesn't work like that. Like the rest of the Internet, it is designed to be decentralised. In the worst case of the destruction of a toplevel domain name server, it will be a matter of minutes (if not seconds) for the DNS servers to be updated with a new server to act as the toplevel name server.

I would sooo like to subscribe to that magazine, even if it wasn't cheap.

Yes seriously valve, what the hell?

I was about to comment just this.
Seriously though Valve, what the hell?

Yay for redirecting to escapist! :P

I never laughed like that since that Silent Homecoming one with Pyramid Head.

I would boycott the Leisure Suit Larry/Star Wars crossover just so someone did, hyping up its publicity. When people would ask me why I was boycotting it, I would tell them because Larry was miscast. He's too scruffy looking of a nerfherder to be a Jedi!
And you know what Cliffy B has to say about your mom doesn't hold a candle to what Yahtzee did with her last night!

This Gamepunk thing seems oddly reminiscent of the official xbox 360 magazine.
God I hate that magazine... Why can't they sell demo disks separately?

...Larry was miscast.

Lar-do Calrissian?

"Halo, why you should buy two copies". That was a painful reminder of the fact I know someone who did. ¬_¬

Who was the girl in the first magazine cover?


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