Zero Punctuation: Velvet Assassin

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Velvet Assassin

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Velvet Assassin.

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Ah the inevitablility. We all saw the horificity of this thing coming :)

Great review, not his best but still funny! The opening joke was a bit gross though.

What is this community service?
That was the best ending yet...

that was a funny ending

valkyria chronicles is nothing to be compared with velvet assassin.

Its seems like there are alot more nazi killing games lately.
Nice review.

The very fact that this was developed by South peak was a terrible indication.
This was getting bad scores from even the most positive of reviewers, so I could tell hilarity was coming when the most pessimistic of them all had a stab and the crappy game.

Yahtzee forever

"What is this, community service?" That might well be one of the best last lines ever. Another good one, Yahtzee!

The good points were at the end.

Nice review, didn't like it as much as Valkyria C. though.

"Community service" had me.

This game sucks. Great video though.

Ending was hilarious. Beginning was f'ed up. Ripping off jewish baby faces and jerking off with them? WTF is wrong with you Scrabble! Er...Yahtzee!

That was bloody hilarious!

Much better than the other game begining with V

"what is this community service?" that made me laugh,alot.

The final comment: possibly the most I've laughed at ZP in quite a few episodes. I was wondering that myself, he just puts it so succinctly.

No mention of the horrific corruption of the original source, who's family would not permit her name to be used, when it was going to be so blatantly sexualised?

"Violette Szabo, you see, was captured by the Germans after just over a year of active duty as a Special Operations Executive. During her incarceration, she was repeatedly beaten, starved and sexually abused. Ultimately, she was executed, aged just 23." -

Games like this are part of why people won't respect the game industry as an art form, I would have thought Yahtzee would mention that. (and be more offended)

The fact that Yahtzee hated her hair makes me feel very self conscious about my own hair; it was disturbed to find the other day that my hair does exactly the same thing (where it all sweeps off to the one side). It don't do it on purpose, I swear.

Then again, Yahtzee hates everything, so perhaps I should pay it no heed.

ON TOPIC, I think I must be one of the only people that didn't hate this game...

Yeah Community Service all the way! Now all we need is for the Italians to make a crappy WW2 game and we're off

I can only imagine the German version is about you fighting androids that just happen to have vulnerable necks and a love of generic fascism.

I have not laughed at a Zero Punctuation episode in a long time, but the end of this one got me. "What is this, community service?"

A damn good review though the Community Service part made me laugh pretty damn hard. Though the German government coming over to burn your house down if you mentioned the Nazis was pretty damn hysterical as well.

Actually I played this game and thought it was alright but he brings out a few good points about the flaws in the gameplay and the outfits

"Why are the countries that were in the Axis forces making WW2 games? What is this community service?" Lol. This is one of the best episodes I have seen in a while.

I lol'd

I genuinely laughed out loud at the end joke about the "community service". When he was saying the Splinter Cell crossed with... etc. it sounded good - or at least like it should have been. Anyway, I'll look forward to next weeks review.

taking their childerns face off and wanking with it!!!
so funny

Great video again.
@Jay Cee: most reviewers are giving this 7/10 or more.

good ole community service...also this one does look gritty :D

Axis powers making World War 2 thing you know, an Italian gaming company will make a game called "3D Punch Hitler In The Face".

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