There Will Be Brawl: Episode Five

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Wow, fucking amazing. The entire series is episode 3 with the dance was amazing...Becky Young is the hottest actress on here

It's been a while since Episode 5 was released. I'm assuming that episode 6 is still being filmed and/or edited. I wonder if an episode will be made on how the S.S.B. Brawl Tournament Characters get or learn their final smashes to fight the subspace emissary.

Filming for episode 6 wrapped yesterday. Expect it soon!

Filming for episode 6 wrapped yesterday. Expect it soon!

ALRIGHT! Thanks Gavin! Looking forward to it very much!

Filming for episode 6 wrapped yesterday. Expect it soon!

so is it the....fourth friday of june i believe, uhhh, you know when it didn't show up the second friday i just figured it was going to be like the other one that just took another week, then the third friday go's by and still nothing, you say this last monday and now it's another friday and it's still not up, so.... you guys give up on this or something??? I'm not trying to be mean even though this IS the BEST series on here but the schedule says every second friday of each month. Can you keep us updated with whats going on or an excuse every once in awhile??? how bout you change that schedule to every 2 months or something....PLZ.
I'm being a real Dick today aren't I.

EDIT:so they put up the video after i post this.......YAY!!!!

According to Mercer, The Escapist has the sixth episode in their hands. So, when it goes live is entirely up to them at this point.

Amazing as usual

I don't know if I should be creeped out or not, but I think the man acting as Ganondorf is pretty hot. If he wasn't wearing all the make-up... 8D

I liked the ending, anybody else hungry.


Watching Mario beat Donkey Kong to death in a bar fight and finishing it with a mallet was one of the most horrifyingly hilarious things I've ever seen. I watched it with a friend of mine and we couldn't stop laughing, mostly because of THE EYES IN THE DONKEY KONG COSTUME LOOKING IN TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS XD XD XD

And poor Deedeedee, he was fun while he lasted.

Kirk Diedrich does a fantastic job playing King Dedede. I actually believed he was the King of Dreamland. I loved the twist at the end. A part of me wanted to see more of him, but for the sake of this series he delivered an excellent performance. TWBB is one of my favorite series. I can't wait for the new episode.

This show is sooo freaking great.

Too bad a Dee Dee Dee was so short lived.

He was a great character in the short time he was there.

OMG Saria and Malon. Plus that new princess from Galaxy. Okay, I love the creators of this so hard right now. Now all I need is Princess Ruto of the Zoras and I will be blessed.

Is that boxer 'mac' from Super Punchout or Wii boxing or something?


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