Zero Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever

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Duke Nukem Forever

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Duke Nukem Forever.

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As good as always! I gotta find this game to play sometime - I say with my tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Shame its not about SSBB, Oh wait see what i did there

I've never played the duke. But this makes me want to. I should rent one this weekend.

wow, refreshed and there it was ^^ curse you yahtzee and your contribution to my procrasination of revising :P

GuNsLiNgEr X:

You couldn't have even watched it yet. Why do people bother doing this?

I don't normally wait for a review, but i was staying up anyways, thank god for sleeping in :). I have to say i wasn't expecting DNF, my bets we're completely on Infamous.

This should be good.


Well I can safely say I was not expecting this.

i want to know how people see 4 minutes of video in just one minute.

wow, I want Yahtzee to take over the Duke Nukem franchise.

I'm very very confused.

Must have been a slow week, but still entertaining as ever.

this was great to watch after coming home from work can't... wait for next week :)

good reviw good thing this game isint out yet cos it looks shit

When I saw the title I was like, "huh?"
This was the funniest one in a while.

I see what he did there.
He reviewed it.
And its not even out.

that was unexpected gold. don't think he's ever spoken that quickly in a review before and it confused me every step of the way. it was also hilarious and is probably one of my new favorite reviews.

That was interesting...

I don't know whether to call "CHEAT!" On Yahtzee or be amused that he simply went for comedy for comedy's sake this time.

But I guess I'll be forgiving, afterall...

I laughed my ass off.

Pretty funny, I doubt anyone saw Duke Nukem Forever coming did they?

Such an epic masterpiece, and a game that Yahtzee actually likes! See, it only takes a decade to make a game that fits his incredible standards!

Another excellent one, Yahtzee. I was howling half the time.

I was seriously thinking "WHAT?!?!?! IT ACTUALLY CAME OUT!?!?!?!" And then common sense smacked me across the head and I realized he was making it all up....Hilarious

GuNsLiNgEr X:
First! get banned, sure


phhhbt, old.
I finished it last week.

Oh man... I confess I was not expecting that.

So, what system is it out for? I've been saving for ages.

I must say, that painted an image in my mind of the perfect fps.

I watched the video right when it was posted, and I'm still laughing. Yahtzee FTW!

That was genius! I was wondering when you'd rip DN:F a new one!

That was satire at it's best. I realised he was kidding when
A. He even mentioned Duke Nukem at all given the project was cancelled
B. When he started being waaaaaayyy to enthusiastic for regular Yahtzee standards.

So, what system is it out for? I've been saving for ages.

The playstation 9001.

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