Apocalypse Lane: Episode One: Big Pete's Funeral

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I thought that was great! hahahaha Can't wait for more!

Needs more comedy.

That is wrooooong on so many levels.

I likes it.

ghm...lots of gays in this short

Not bad, very funny, and different enough from the other series to round up the escapist's lineup. Very well done.

Eh, I'll give it another shot next week. This show just seems like it starting on the fate of UR. Funny one liners, unfunny development.

Somehow not really my kind of show. Don't know. Didn't make me laugh at all.

After the teaser I was a bit skeptical, but this series is really showing some potencial.

I wish I could have a cat like Cuddles........

It felt so predictable, almost like I had seen it before.

It was okay. I think they should make the episodes a bit longer tho. Maybe after a couple of episodes I will start to like the show. I didn't like unforgotten realms very much either in the beginning. But after a while it sort of grew on me.

Well I didn't laugh if that's what you're asking.

well, so far I find it lukewarm, but I'll probably check out the next episode to see if it gets better. There just needs to be more going on

It didn't really grab my attention and it was to short. I may give it a shot next week.

Kinda bad in my opinion. To crude to be funny.

I have nothing to say but meh. There were some parts that were fairly funny, but overall, meh.

Wait till you guys see episode 2. This series is only going to get better. :)

In the meantime check out some of my other cartoons if you've never seen them. my style is pretty raunchy which my not be suited for some but for those of you who like that kind of humor, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of Prostitute Mickey" and "Mad Mad Mario". :)


Neeeeeeeeew and reeeefreshing. Thanks!

Just while were on this topic, I would just like to request a serious cartoon, made by anybody. Like, serious, dramatic. I dunno, just an idea. OOH Maybe violent too.

That was pretty good for a first episode, it's absolutely brimming with potential. I can only hope the next episodes are even better.

"Rooster bless us, every one."

It was...meh.

To much gay, not enough Mad Max... it was bad. Not as horrible as, say, Doomsday Arcade, There Will be Brawl or Unforgotten Realms... but it was bad.

There is still much potential in this post-apocalyptic stuff, but this series jut got off to very bad start... I guess I watch the next episode, maybe my preconceptions will turn out to be wrong...

Short... I chuckled at the sockpuppet and cat with the knife... But that's it.

It was was pretty good. I liked cuddles. Wasn't great though.

Its just... not good. Not good at all. I didnt even smirk. This is by far the worst thing on The Escapist. Its just too crude. The humour is far too 'Toilet'

heh, i expected it to suck but it wasnt bad, got me smilling so i'll keep checking it out, its alot better than unforgoten realms

Meh, it was alright. Top notch animation, and some parts that, while not laugh-out-loud funny, were quiet-chuckle funny.

I guess I'll tune in next week, see how the series rolls.

I really quite enjoyed this, and found it refreshing.

Just while were on this topic, I would just like to request a serious cartoon, made by anybody. Like, serious, dramatic. I dunno, just an idea. OOH Maybe violent too.

Absolutely. Comedy is great and all, but I'd love to see a Western (ie non-anime) animated drama.

As for this show.. It seems pretty meh so far. Almost like something that would be aired on comedy central for a season before being canceled.
I'll give it a couple more episodes before really deciding.

Well it's better than Unskippable, but that's not saying much.

ehh. I'll tune in next time, then make my judgement. At least it has a shivel of creativity about it... Unlike per se: Unskippable.

Not particularly great in my opinion, but a few moments were funny. I'll probably give next week a try before deciding to follow it or not.

the preview wasnt that great, but im wondering where the series will go, maybe give some sort of challenge, such as the military coming in, or something.

Quite liked it, not sure where they are going to go and where the lasting appeal is though. I quite liked the shoulder character.

I was expecting much better... I'll give it a couple more episodes, before I draw a conclusion...

I kinda liked it myself. In fact, the first impression I got from it was that it was perhaps from Adult Swim, on Cartoon network. Pretty funny, not amazing, but I could see it going for a while.

I suppose, since the makers would rather have some sort of constructive criticism, rather than "meh, not as good as ----- but better than -----," Would be that there needs to be either a slightly more concentrated bit of humor, or just a little longer, it was just short enough to wish there had been more humor, but long enough to not warrant something that would be considered a "short" in my book.

Wasn't that funny, maybe it'll get better though.

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