Alt+Escape: Bullet Time

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I can't get past 14.5 secondsish. I didn't really like this game much, got boring quite quickly.

Jordan Deam:


About seven seconds then I decided it wasn't fun any more. I just don't like that style of game, personally. Normally I like Alt+Escape's choices, this time round it was mediocre at best. Just my opinion there, of course...

I'd think the same. I played for.. mm... 5 minutes.
I mean, seriously, there must be something better. We're talking about the people who introduced us to Scarygirl and Today I Die!

Hey man, if you know a reliable source of weekly interactive poetry, I'm all ears.

I played Scary Girl for almost 15 minutes.

I kinda wanted to see the story play out but im not good at platformers and she always moved so slowly.

31.36 right now.

which is amazing because i can barely focus on letters right now.

32.63! Ya!

I got 58.2
damn this game is hard!
yet fun :)

41.70 seconds without bullet time :D

51.16 Commander

After about 10 tries...

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