Alt+Escape: Heavy Weapons

Alt+Escape: Heavy Weapons

Those damn dirty aliens had it coming.

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Man that game is fun. I'm still on it now.

This game is brilliant! Played it on Kongregate when it was released.
The Arc Spread weapon is useful right until the last few enemies though, and it's cheap and you get it at the start, kinda keeps the money rolling in.
It's good you can't repeat stages, keeps the difficulty good.

This game is way to addictive, sadly I have to tear myself away from it, as I see myself playing until my alarm goes off for work!

Been playing this for a quite a while, good to see this getting a showcase here. Though it still is no match for my addiction with Tower of Greed.

Awesome game but some of the levels are fucking HARD.

got it until lvl 50 then got bored. Good time killer anyways.

It's a good game to play through once. Kill aliens, get loot, buy weapons you want. It's as simple as it gets.


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