Zero Punctuation: inFamous

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews inFamous.

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I thought he was going to review red faction...


I thought he was going to review red faction...


not out yet I think.

psychic super hobos? nice
as always very well done

I love:

"A cross between an Eastenders character and an angry potato."

"Giant trash monster from psychic, super-hobos."

Back on form!

Sounds like a decnt sandbox formula, but its another addition to the argument that a realy good sandbox shouldnt feature a main plot, as they turn out gay.
Maybe someone should try a sandbox game which leads you along missions out of ingame nessesity instead o0f in actual mission format, on one of the newer high interactivity engines...

It appears that the new front-page layout has prevented the usual "LAWL IZ 1ST COMMENT LOOK AT ME MOM!" So, if nothing else, it's accomplished that.

"It's like his health meter is a six foot Mars bar and you're a diabetic." It does look like a cool game, but alas I don't have a PS3 and have no intent on buying one.

Holy... crap. He actually liked it? I mean, aside from the moral choice system? I may have to pick this game up now...

I totally agree on the karma meter bit, we need more flexibillity!

Good review! I hate that voice, too. It reminds me of a cross between a lawnmower and Christian Bale as Batman... :)

Wow, i actually guessed he'd review this game, and i was right!
Should've called it, i guess...

Pretty funny and I have to agree with most of your points, but like you said it is still a fun game! -goes back to playing inFAMOUS-

well played Mr Y, a game he does not hate, wow who would have thought :P

Wow. I saw this one coming.

Of course, I also saw coming that he'd comment on the ridiculous way the game suddenly tells you "Abandoning Mission" with no warning if you stray too far from the unmarked boundaries, but I was wrong about that, so oh well.

Dear Yahtzee: Please find some new material or quit while you're ahead. When you're ending an episode on a hackneyed political joke that sounds like Jon Stewart on a bad day, it's time to re-examine whether or not you still have any jokes worth telling and, if not, to make up some new ones.

I have a feeling that the next game will be prototype, and he will compare both. I dunno, I don't really want to give infamous a chance, prototype seems sooo much more fun... and bloody.

wow, yahtzee LIKING a game? looks like its the apocalypse again :(

now that was good but i was expecting red faction, valid points about the karma system and enemy health. plus the healing thin always bothered me too!.
"help i broke my leg!" "stand back!" "OH GOD NARRHRGHRGHRG!!!!"

I love Yahtzee's continued fight against Morality Systems in Games. Here here! Oh yes and I support Genocide now so I can be right latter.

good review this game looks good but from what you pointed out it might just be a big old "meh"

what? no e-mail of the week?
too bad. it would have been a good addition.

i do hope we aren't expecting a [Prototype] review, because i'd rather try it before laughing off everything Yahtzee will point out in it.

Nice review as always Yahtzee.

I was going to get this game anyway and now that it's passed the ZP test it's guaranteed that I'll be up to my tits in electrified corpses by the end of the week.

And then BAM! Off world Slavery. Made me laugh. Good stuff. Wish it was on the 360. :(

Oh Yahtzee the Game Nazi, where will all this culminate? :D

Keep it up, and 10 years from now you will be swarmed by willing gamer chicks...if they exist.

Yahtzee, lking games isn't funny, remember?

The Republiucan joke was awesome.

This game has got me interested for once...

Hopefully there will be something on E3 next week.

I lol'd when I saw the Tardis. Good review as always!

I was pleasently surprised by this review. When I saw what he was reviewing I wondered why he was bothering to review this game when we all knew what he would think of it. However Yahtzee defied my expectations. He gave a balanced review of the game that pointed out its strengths and weaknesses and he didn't mention the leveling up system being connected to good or evil right untill the very end.

Good review.


I thought he was going to review red faction...


not out yet I think.

It came out a week ago. It's probably what they did whith halo wars, tell him not to review something they run ads for till the ads are gone.

"Really jostled my flaps, and no mistake"

I swear i watch this just for new quips, on the review thou i fully agree with the moral choice thing, its never been done well, done tolerably but not well.

Boo! I wanted Red Faction.

Haven't laughed that hard in a while, nice work!

Are you and the Escapist reviewers competing or something? Both seem to do the same things nowadays..

I had a feeling he'd like this game. Pretty good review, albeit a bit short.

Great review.

The senario where the villian acts good while rising to power and then pulls the rug out from everyone is how Robotnik came to power in Satam/archie. Sorry but I'm a sonic fanboy.

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