Zero Punctuation: inFamous

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Is it just me, or when other people watch this do they think of Jade Empire for the 'karma' system done right? Considering how the two sides arn't good and evil but 'way of the open hand' and 'way of the closed fist', it seems to me that at least one game didn't do what Yahtzee was complaining about in this. I was a decent enough fellow in that game, just a little more aggressive. But yes, that is one exception in a multitude of 'karma'-based games (and to be fair, it has been a while since I played that...I could be forgetting things).

Finally a new clever review. For a while there it seemed as though all of the comments related to the games were a bit similar. To this I say congratulations on having a review that came across as unique.

Huh... pretty much dead on by my understanding...

Moral Choice System = Lame
Good Path = More Interesting Story, Boring Powers


I still stand by the fact that Cole had a larynx injury in the opening accident, an nobody can tell me otherwise,

Good review.
But I hope you will review empire total war soon.

Great review. My friend has been nagging me to get the game recently so this has helped form a decent opinion without "LOL OMG ITZ AMEZING".

I thought he was gonna trash this game. Too bad he liked it, now I have to wait forever to get a PS3 and play it.

Yahtzee made a very good point

How does one wack off if ones hands constantly produce electricity?

I was pleasently surprised by this review. When I saw what he was reviewing I wondered why he was bothering to review this game when we all knew what he would think of it. However Yahtzee defied my expectations. He gave a balanced review of the game that pointed out its strengths and weaknesses and he didn't mention the leveling up system being connected to good or evil right untill the very end.

Good review.

I am plesently suprised you enjoyed this so much. I like how you talk about
key parts of the video.
Good review of this review.

Not only did he like it, but he was willing to suffer hemolacria. Cool medical jargon ftw!

I agree with the morality system. In a sense, you really only make the choice between good or evil once, and every other choice is simply an opportunity to mess up and accidentally make the wrong choice. There's no grey area.

I kind of liked Mass Effect's morality system. You weren't really picking between "bad" and "good". You were picking between "follows orders to accomplish goals" and "does things your own way". You weren't really rewarded for going too far down one path or the other. You just got different results depending on whether you were at one extreme or the other or somewhere in the middle. In fact, some choices (which did affect the game) really had no influence on your morality rating at all.

good review, and I agree, why do most games have only good or evil? The only game I know that allows middle ground is Galactic Civilization II by stardock (a great game), turn based strategy. I'll be getting this game thanks :)

This was his best review in a long time. Mainly because it actually made me laugh out loud (something this hasn't made me due since before March), and he did it more then once.

Very funny, very funny indeed.

Sympathizing with nearly everything said, Infamous is flawed in small ways but great overall. Tons of fun.

BAM! Off-world slavery... loved it!

Yahtzee, man up and be mean to a game.

Pretty funny though. I thought that the save kitten or cannibalize children was pretty funny.

Dear Yahtzee: Please find some new material or quit while you're ahead. When you're ending an episode on a hackneyed political joke that sounds like Jon Stewart on a bad day, it's time to re-examine whether or not you still have any jokes worth telling and, if not, to make up some new ones.

Well now we all know which side of the political toast you butter, Mr. Transparency. The format of these videos aren't designed as a buildup to a punchline, I hope you do realize. And if you don't realize, well then I feel a bit sorry for you.

/rant over

Anyway I enjoyed this video, it seems to me that Yahtzee is just better when he's on message and talking about the game as much as possible. Plus it's nice to see (as i guessed from the episode's preview image) for him to again talk about how moral choice in games seriously needs to either go away or be reworked. We desperately need more middle ground a-la Fallout, or an "ends justify the means" system like in Mass Effect.

i just downloaded the demo recently and thought he should review it. then today, i realized... he did. great job, as always

Well well, no complaints Yahtzee...

FIND THEM! I miss pisstaking internet guy :(

So how would Yahtzee judge the ending of Fallout 1 and 2 (and I assume 3)? In those you can play super-nice or super-evil or just roll through town without doing anything and it will have one affect or another. Could be your saving the matchingstick-selling orphan cause her to grow up and slaughter all the residents of the Vaults or that killing the drug-dealing warlord unites the gangs against the citizenry in a Khmer Rouge kinda way.

Hm. I don't know what to say: that review had more meat on it than the usual Yahtzee fare. I mean, it was still funny, but it stepped away from the classic "I hate everything and everyone" formula. I might just have to buy it... although the bit about completing it in a single weekend makes me think that perhaps renting is the way to go.

Another good one, excellent references. I played the demo and was wondering if the fun would hold up for 10 hours, sounds like it does. Although I did notice that you seemed a lot more powerful as an evil character.

I'm assuming he'll play Prototype next?

Yahtzee made a very good point

How does one wack off if ones hands constantly produce electricity?

With rubber gloves, and very carefully.

lol "down syndrome batman" that part made me laugh

That was so nice I watched it twice!

Really, I have to agree with Yahtzee. Moral choice systems really only boil down to "people don't want to kill you" or "people are unable to kill you because they're dead." I would like to see them go away and just say, "you're the bad guy, deal with it, go fuck some shit up."

My one question is "is it worth getting a PS3 for inFamous?"

have to say that i have the same opinion about choices...they are always so bland and uninspired...go left or right and so on

True, there needs to be more middleground in games' morality systems.

And judging by the review, I might have to get this one when I finally cough up the dough for a PS3.

Hmm...gotta say, I agree. Has anyone yet made a game with a Neutral moral path?

the moral and karma thing drive me quackers , the entering an area that is out of bounds is bullshit in a sandbox world ,but this game is one for the wait till it's marked down to buy list , but as usual yahtzee has saved me money again ,more beer wohoo

I loved the "6ft mars bar and you're a diabetic" bit, that made me laugh, a lot. I was surprised Yahtzee enjoyed it (I was assuming he was going to tear in a new one) but thats no bad thing. It was still a very funny review.

Someone should let Yahtzee tell them how to make a sandbox game, he seems to find the right formula then is ignored by game makers.

Yahtzee must be a messiah and someone should start a religon around him. I'm not joining cause that sounds like people who enjoy sausage fests and girls who smell like old meat will be there.

Hmm...gotta say, I agree. Has anyone yet made a game with a Neutral moral path?

Well Spore kind of does

Loved the review, and by god hes right it is one of the few who justify the character not being able to swim!

Good review. I agree that the good/bad scenarios boil down to a few situations. Forgot to mention his weakness against fences

what? no e-mail of the week?
too bad. it would have been a good addition.

i do hope we aren't expecting a [Prototype] review, because i'd rather try it before laughing off everything Yahtzee will point out in it.

I think the reason for the no letter, is because it'll have to be as epic as last weeks about the poor fool who thought duke nukem was coming out.

OT; one of the funniest reviews of a while, loved the bit at the end about sandbox characters being unable to swim

Nice review.

I don't and won't have a PS3, but the game looks interesting. In other news, I find it odd that an Australian feels the need for a Republican joke, but whatevs.


I thought he was going to review red faction...


not out yet I think.

Dude, Red faction came out June 2.

Don't worry he'll probally, no, more than likely, reveiw Red Faction since there is sooooo much to pick at.

As for the review, lovely. That was funny.

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