Zero Punctuation: inFamous

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Good solid review... still wouldn't buy it though, mainly due to the extortionate price of a PS3.

Would probably be cheaper buying a shot at being the Pope

Is it just me was he talking rather slow this week? Tired maybe?

Also, I did like the early evil choices, because they actually seemed plausible and a Everyone for themselves feel. Then it quickly progressed to insane supervillian

I thoroughly enjoyed that review, which i'm glad as the last few to me have seemed like they were missing something.

But, its a shame I can't get this game; what with lacking a PS3. But i must admit I am rather sick of the seemingly lack of moral options in games. Its always good or bad. Why can't you good by commiting extreme acts of evil.

Well now we all know which side of the political toast you butter, Mr. Transparency. The format of these videos aren't designed as a buildup to a punchline, I hope you do realize. And if you don't realize, well then I feel a bit sorry for you.

Actually I'm pretty moderate, it's just that "Republicans = Nazis" jokes got old about a year into Bush's first term and when Yahtzee turns to political jokes that's pretty much the only one he tells.

Besides, that wasn't my primary complaint; that was just the most egregious example of his current trend of non-creativity. The whole thing was pretty bland. Yahtzee hasn't gotten a chuckle out of me in a long time, as opposed to Unskippable which is very fresh and actually makes me laugh. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate Yahtzee and ZP, but I really hope he finds some new material before he ends up like the Internet equivalent of the Simpsons.

Great review, but I really had to restrain myself from adding to "Half Irish and half dipshit" with "So all Irish then?"

Plus, while I wouldnt shoehorn all morality decisions into that box, it does account for a heck of a lot of them.

He likes a game again??????

Quick, someone find something to be nasty about. I need to see something getting torn apart.

But yeah, to add to the rubbish evil/good choice system, why is it that Evil missions are always so much more fun? I'm not asking for much, just that the Evil version of "look after 30 toddlers" is far more enlightening.

Hah so called inFamous (i know you all did too ssshh)

Kinda surprised he liked it actually, I wonder if he'll review Prototype next week..

The word of the week is Haemolacria. Haemolacria.

Rip shit up Emperor Palpetine style you say? I think this deserves a rental.

And to the guy who asked to be suspended for 30 days and the mod who suspended him...I would like to give each of you a cookie.

Ha-ha, another anti-Republican joke for all the little leftist Escapists.

It's getting old, Yahtzee. It soured the review for me.

Hmm, I could respond and praise Yahtzee, telling him how I enjoyed the review and liked the game as well. Or I could tell him he's horrible, make fun of his mom and then fart in his face. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that I'm making fun of the way Cole is presented with his choices.

"finally a hero in a sand box game that can justify why he doesn't swim"

"how does he jerk off?" xD

I agree that a black and white good and evil system is a combination of being to lazy to add in the gray and trying to make you play the game twice, however, in this game I find it more acceptable because the game is set up to be like a comic book so hero rising from the ashes and the opportunistic villain makes more sense.

Not funny, =( just not funny at all. But I do agree with his point about moral choice systems and thats why i always liked how the Fallout series did it, so I could be a Neutral Mercenary type character who had morals but was not afraid to pull the trigger, going all Wolverine style, which felt very satisfying in Fallout 1 when I killed the Overseer for being a bastard or in Fallout 3 where I found that traitorous scientist who sold out to the Enclave and ended up with them killing Dad. I could have left her to die with the base went up but it was very satisfying to blow her head off with a Plasma Rifle.

But to add to the little X-Men comment for once i wish I had a PS3 to enjoy this game as I always had my ideal superpower as electricity which I could manipulate in different ways and I roleplayed as a Mutant who had them. I'm not angry I can't get the game and I hope one day to play it.

Good game, great review, mostly true....

Instead of good or evil endings, why not ambitiously good and/or evil endings like in Deus Ex, where the player is left wondering whether the choice they made was the right one?

There are a few good morality systems out there, like say the one for Nocturne, but they tend to be more relativist that don't use good or evil.

In answer to the question at the end... rubber gloves

The Great JT:
Really, I have to agree with Yahtzee. Moral choice systems really only boil down to "people don't want to kill you" or "people are unable to kill you because they're dead." I would like to see them go away and just say, "you're the bad guy, deal with it, go fuck some shit up."

My one question is "is it worth getting a PS3 for inFamous?"

Its not worth getting a PS3 for inFamous, but its worth getting inFamous if you have a PS3. I suggest buying the PS3 when God of War 3 comes out. March 2010.

EDIT: I hope he reviews Prototype and the Red...something. I just want to know his takes on these 3 sandbox games. Mostly i just want him to review Prototype just to his comparisons to inFamous and Prototype

Hmm...gotta say, I agree. Has anyone yet made a game with a Neutral moral path?

If you read my reply you would see that yes there is one, Galactic Civ II :)

Now it's only a matter of time before he reviews Prototype and does the unavoidable comparison between the two.

Might actually go and buy it now, good review.


Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate Yahtzee and ZP, but I really hope he finds some new material before he ends up like the Internet equivalent of the Simpsons.

You mean you hope he is able to do this for 20 years and still provide content?

Quite the well-wishing!

hmmm, might have to increase my total PS3 games to two ;)

God I love wednesdays

Hope he reviews prototype havent got it yet

I agree there should be more too it that good and evil. it be nice if there where decisions that aren't clean cut as good or evil, ie like real life.

but I disagree that choice in games is pointless and just makes you replay the game twice. I just enjoy games alot more when there is choice, the fact that I can play it twice or sometimes thrice without getting bored is just a bonus.

and yahtzee please don't compare different electricity control applications in terms of realism, you have to be a moron not to realise all the applications in the game are completely ridiculous. apart from maybe electricuting people to death.

Undead Dragon King:
Ha-ha, another anti-Republican joke for all the little leftist Escapists.

It's getting old, Yahtzee. It soured the review for me.

The truth never gets old.

If yahtzee gives a good review for a game then there's got too be something special about it.

"Finally a hero in a sand box game that can justify why he doesn't swim"

Best part of the review.

I doubt he's going to review Prototype next, he usually doesn't review two similar games in a row. He'll probably review Red Faction 3, or Sims 3 (that should be an interesting one).

So I see Yahtzee is a big fan of sanbox games. This, Saint's Row, Spiderman 2...

hahaha his health bar is a 6 foot mars bar and your diabetic, that was an awesome analagy.
Easily his best review by miles, cracked me up and made some solid points, GJ Ben.

and the Bam off world slavery bit also got me.

Great review. I got the game the day it came out and I agree with the review. It's so much fun to play.

Review Prototype next!

...well I'll probably get that when it comes out too. Looks like fun.

Nice review.

I think the game excels at being a sandbox game because it never really forces you to repeat things or take long quests. Most missions are nice, short and varied which make them a joy to complete and never get on your tits. GTA 4 showed how to fuck up this aspect, always making you drive around endlessly while repeating missions.

I find it a bit bland but the pacing is awesome. It's a game that is designed to be a game:
Short, mindless fun.

It appears that the new front-page layout has prevented the usual "LAWL IZ 1ST COMMENT LOOK AT ME MOM!" So, if nothing else, it's accomplished that.

"It's like his health meter is a six foot Mars bar and you're a diabetic." It does look like a cool game, but alas I don't have a PS3 and have no intent on buying one.

Just get Prototype instead pretty much the same thing except better

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