Unforgotten Realms: Episode 34: YOU HEARTLESS FIENDS!!!

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Finally a episode that is good and makes sense. Was great, going back to roleplaying parody, keep up the good work.

I agree; this episode was absolutely brilliant. Keep up the rpg jokes, Rob!

1. Half the wolves dont drop hearts because they are just optical illusions...
2. Jaque/Roamin/Douglas quest reward was 87.50 gold or 3 pats on the head.

Quoted for awesomemess.

That was masterful Rob.

Not much else to say, it was just flat out great. Great to see the overarching story develop this season.

"Mister Strap." ...Jacques Strap. It's one of those jokes where you hate yourself for laughing, but you laugh nonetheless.

Great episode.

I always laugh at the end of the intro when it gets to "UNICORN POWER!"...

It's so random but so great...

As One of those annoying Fans that Absolutly Loves Complex storylines And Plots...The Fact that I cant Predict How your Goign to make this All work makes me Very exited to See how This Season Turns Out.

Awhhh i love those little Groundbolds, there so cute.

Funny episode.

I love the D3 reference:)

WOW! That was great episode. I like how the plot is evolving alot.
And the Maelstrom's Kobold friend was the most awesome kobold yet :D

I had to register just for this post eventho I've watched all episodes, twice.

awww, that tiny kobold is so cute XD

cool vid :P cant wait till the next one


sweet video! 3 post ftw.

You can't have watched it, its 7 minutes long.

Wait a minute how did you watch it? Or are you just posting here for no reason but to shoot someone else down?

That all makes complete!... nonsense, but should be interesting seeing how they changed.

I for one don't quite see why there's so much confusion over your recent episodes. I've been watching URealms since the old ones, and it seems to me that each season of the new URealms is pretty rhythmic. You start of the season slow, with lots of jokes and references to the Roleplaying, which satisfies the people who like the humour portion of the show. Then you accelerate the plot (as it becomes clearer in your own mind, no doubt), and the action and storyline advance towards the finale, where it all comes to a big conclusion. That's when the people who like the humour but not the story begin complaining.

Personally, I find the balance nice. It's a skill to take time and establish environment and characters, which you do well. Then it also takes skill to work out a complex storyline. Will I deny that season 2's conclusion was confusing? Absolutely not! But I've always found that patience pays off, and that you have an eye for detail when you're writing your episodes.

Keep up the good work. I really look forward to each episode, even if I know some episodes will leave me hanging!

Wait...wait... I'm getting a FAN-SPECULATION!

The dark misty kobold is the Dragon-warrior in kobold form, they have the same skin colour.

Douglas 2 is Timmy the Evil, we all knew that one and Rob's gonna change it and then laugh at us.

The new french guy is Jacque, actually wait I thought Jacques was in Sorceror/Wizard U with Roamin and the warlock? (I've probably forgotten)

Well it terms of story development I thought it was all right but I get the idea Rob's making it up as he goes along. Although I'll admit Jacque pre-axe is a good idea, I didn't actually find anything funny till the line about killing with a gun (and even then its a recycled joke)

The line about the wolf hearts although clever (as well as the title) it just wasn't particularly humorous

wait a second if that guy that suspiciously looks like Jacque can turn into anything maybe HE TURNED INTO AN AXE =]

lil groundbold cocking a pistol lol

The groundbolds are so cute! It's just adorable when it's holding a flintlock pistol! I want to get one as a pet!


"Are you sure you lost your friends, and that they didn't, you know, just run away, really fast from you?"


*squeals like a little girl*


"Questionmarkface" why ever did we teach this guy how to cheat at random rolls?

you reintroduce Roamin but name him different just to have him be evil and turn into a man jaque who then dissapears again O.O

I admit it is fun but jeez you must have rolled a 20 there

LMFAO Kill them in there sleep.... WITH A GUN!!!!!! (shows him with a gun) kodbolllldddd

wow, tht was brilliant. Loved every minute of it. And its good to see the characters parents/ grand parents/ ancestors etc...
Cant wait to see the later episodes.

I gotta take a wicked piss man... Priceless!
Great episode as always, and I really enjoyed the groundbold with a gun

Holy lord, Jaque once worked for a kobold? And he had some form of cloaking power?
Dang, he must have been fairly broken-ish.
And yes, I agree with some of the posts above. This season is shaping up to be very good.

That whole Douglas 3 part reminded me of that LH podcast, where Rob and Johnny discusses what their childrens name would be, if they ever had one (:

Great episode by the way :D

Hmm. So does this mean that Jacques was just pretending to be an axe?

the new episode/season has yet to impress me, i a writer myself i find it lacking something

Than why don't you go make your own series and see if you can do better?
I, a critic of assholes, doubt you could, considering all the grammatical errors you made in one simple sentence. I doubt you are a writer as well.

Did anyone notice that weird v. jacque had two axes on his back?

If you haven't watched the video yet and are mad at me for giving that away, WHY WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE COMMENTS WHICH ARE FOR COMMENTING ON THE VIDEO THAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WATCH FIRST?

Ooh. Jacques before he became an Axe. Cool.

The third series is going to be good I can tell.

I guess that was Malestrom before he lost his eye....

Somebody has taken Nintendo character milking lessons.....

LOL the with the wolves is great. I have that problem in WoW all the time.

Great episode Rob! I like how you are showing what the characters were in a past life. The Time Lord Wolf (the one with two hearts) was great.

Am i the only one who thinks that the name of the town comes from Reidawin in Mount & Blade?

I was thinking Reidawin was more like Red Dawn, as in the movie. Maybe that's just cause I watched it the other day.

Lol all the old characters! xD Brilliant and reference to last weeks episode xD

omg this is totally true before this episode came out i created my utube account and named it: withagun76 lol. they are going to run into another douglas

Kill them in there sleep...with a gun!

That was epic Lulz and I officially declare Groundbold a new Meme.

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