Doomsday Arcade: Episode 11

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Parsec joke is fantastic. This show is consistently hilarious; it really defies all odds.

Brilliant. Lund, Shanks, you never fail to impress.

Fucking awesome!!!

Loved it! And the "Part One" made me happy because it meant there will be at least one more episode in the season. (Do you guys do seasons?)

"I did successfully code a dBASE II microcomputer in 12 parsecs"
"That's not a measure of time"
"Neither is fuck you!"

Awesome :)

dude the classic Star Wars quip right there x) sweet

"I just killed your mentor figure."
Hahaha! That was great.

I have to ask: That "Episode Eleven" title card that popped up, that's a style reference to Auditorium isn't it?

Well i would have to say that this is the reason i love this show. ZERO consistency lol but a transition would had been nice D= im still very confused @[email protected]

I think that the lack of consistency in the atmosphere and style of the show come from the large group of people that work on it. Its a very nice show I just love it soo much. Now if you dare to delay and tease me with the next episode there certainly will be a dooms day.

Darker and edgier 90's, with friendly mentors I see.

I approve. Lots.

"Lot 1337 See what i did there."


That was so awsome. How long must it have taken to do all those special effects? did you see that into? that waould have taken so long. Just loved it. Crazy camera movement!

Nice work with the start of the backstory, although I must confess I was expecting a full-on cinematic-style boss monologue, care of Mario. With any luck something that will turn up in Part 3, because they need Part 2 to kill that Colonel Nefarious guy and steal his tie. XD

Side Note: Nefarious or Nefarius? They sound the same, but it looks cooler without the o.

"Its 1996, you should be 5!"

Always good to see lazer cat.

Well worth the wait!
5 in '96? That means you're about my age...

very artistic very kl


I allways loved the humor, but the star wars reference (parsecks . . .parsects?) was amazing.

that and the "I just killed your mentor figure"

spot on. Spot On.

Well I knew it back last week what the whole Polybius was about. Though I do love how it played out. In 96 I was 9 myself. Too much good shit to pick out one or two pieces of.

Also it must not be OUR (Aussie that is) Government making the weapon... I mean back in 96 we had just had Howard get in charge... OMFG... that must be how that idiot stayed in power for so long...

Oh! Be-Tee-Dubz

I love how threw out the series you guys break the forth wall and stair at the camera at parts like

"doomsday arcade" and what not.

I am kinda sad that this episode didn't have any horrible puns. Not like sad sad, but like i miss me some horrible puns

(edit/)Unless you count Nefarious as a pun. In which case their where puns and i just pointed out my own idiocy.

Brilliant episode ^^ The measure of time thing had me in stitches.

Why rip on Ubisoft (when there's a perfectly good EA to hate)?

Been a stalworthy fan since Ep.1

"I have a raspy voice and I listen to Burzum".

Nice Burzum drop. Cracked me up.


This was just so funny. I want to quote something but there were so many good parts I just can't pick. Ooh, I liked the refernece to the new Star Trek movie. Wonder how many people noticed that. Oh and all the pseudo technical things like parsec and the computer screen is actually just a TV with the TV guide up.

Been a stalworthy fan since Ep.1

"I have a raspy voice and I listen to Burzum".

Nice Burzum drop. Cracked me up.


The Burzum quote was in my Faceboob status. Rather sweet.

I love how the C-bomb has now been dropped too. There's no stopping the moral slide now!

"I did successfully code a dBASE II microcomputer in 12 parsecs"
"That's not a measure of time"
"Neither is fuck you!"

Awesome :)


Quite a lot of swearing this time around, or at least I thought so. Doomsday Arcade getting a bit more aggressive or something?

Loving the story arc and that it's still keeping the fast jokes in there.
Especially the C4 and mentor ones. The over use of the anamorphic flare reference is also cool.

Finally! Been waiting for this.
I think the series is the second best on escapist!
Keep up the decent plot!


whatssup with the subliminal Images ?!? 8:15 XD

There are no subliminal images in the show. You must be mistaken.

Kinda. There was a subliminal picture. It was a picture of Mario in some sort of vacation spot. i remember it in one of the episodes but I forget what it was. It pops up as soon as they say "If it falls into the wrong hands."

Now for my comment. I loved it. How do you guys create the city effect at the beginning? But I think "f***" was abused a little too much. But I laughed when Shanks said "neither does f*** you." XD

That was fantastic. Absolutly genius.

One of the best, I love that laser cat was meant to be Shank's master piece, i personally loved the line "colonel Nefarious? now that's a name I can trust".

The plot seems well thought out and there's the right mix of humour or story each episode, some series "cough UR cough" seem just to do one of the other

awesome episode, dark, funny and plot reaviling, the best show on the escapist and I'm really looking forward to the next episode

Epic as always fellas, can't wait for the next one. <3 your #1 fangirl

continuously blown away by how well done this show is. The plot has obviously been thought out, i love getting to know the characters and discovering more of the back story. And the execution/editing is superb. And the peeps involved are all under 20 (or there abouts)! CRAZY TALENTED. Kudos guys. Kudos.

Pure Awesome.


Starting to make sense, I guess, for a second I thought that Nefarious was Shanks from the future.

I thought that too, although it could still be. I was almost disappointed that they didn't crack into a series of time travel jokes. Twas good none the less.

"Finally, a name I can trust!"

There was no time travel to have jokes ... though there was

"theres something that doesn't check out"
"whats up"
"its 1996 ... you should be five"

and when Shanks says "oh yeah i forgot its 1996

Best yet? I think so.

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