Apocalypse Lane: Episode Three: Homeowner's Meeting

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I'm still holding out for a truly funny episode, It's okay but you could have done a bit more with cuddles getting his ass sewn shut. Ther's potential it just yet to reach it.

Somewhere between last weeks and the week before. Watchable at the least and Cuddles still steals the show!

I have to agree with this. The show has promise hopefully it can fill out some more so far it is keeping my attention but little else.

"Hey, Gladis! Have another cookie!"

I'm beginning to like this show!

Well, it's not really that funny but it's a free show that goes every friday just when I feel like it.

I quite like the previous two, this just seems like a step backwards the jokes were predictable and I didn't laugh I'm afraid.

Passable. Mediocre. Average.

These all sum up my opinion of Apocalypse Lane.

However, I'll admit I smiled a couple of times, and chuckled at the last joke, despite the fact that it was incredibly predictable.

I'll give it another week, I suppose.

Also, I forsee a T-Shirt with Chuckles and the caption "Have Another Cookie!" and I'd probably end up buying it.

I hate it when all the characters are frozen. Like looking at a picture or smth. Try to give the animation more life. I lol at the 'asshole sawing' thingie :)
Not giving up yet.

This show has a boatload of potential, but it kind of feels like Conan on the Tonight Show. I say that because the episodes are passable, but I feel like I'm just waiting for it to relax and get comfortable with the premise and the jokes. Once it does, it's going to take off.

another week of meh

Another great episode man. Keep up the good work.

I love it^^

I agree with Bediz. This is a long term thing. There is a certain amount of character establishment that needs to be set up in a series. Not only that, but as you can see by the intro that this has actually been planned out.

If you see some of his other toons you will know what I mean.

I enjoyed the other two episodes more than this, but this one was still entertaining.

Yeah, "Cookies" and "I'MA CUT YOU OFF! WHERE'RE MY SCISSORS" Are both re-assuring statements that Apocalypse Lane'll stay awesome.

That was funny. i loved how they all get drunk XD I also loved the ending X'D

Good episode. I liked the Cookies joke, and the one about sewing cuddles ass shut. I got a mental image of the shit piling up and him exploding brown...Hehe.

I'm still holding out for a truly funny episode, It's okay but you could have done a bit more with cuddles getting his ass sewn shut. Ther's potential it just yet to reach it.

Yes. But every series needs to have some practice before getting good. If the maker is new to this kinda thing anyway. This gets better with each new episode.

Good work, it's a nice light hearted comedy to ease us into the weekend. I love Cuddles the Cat.

Yeah I have to agree with some of you, it isn't grade A material when it comes to hilarity. It does hold promise though, just need to make us crack up more. It does add a lovely animated addition to the Fridays.

I liked it, it was alright lol.

I'm starting to like this series :D

Considering the standard set by Zero Punctuation, There Will Be Brawl and Unskippable, I was hoping more future Escapist series would be of high quality. However, with every step, it seems this hope is being dashed. Unforgotten Realms continues down the dark slippery slope to unwatchableness as it slowly but very surely forgets why it was good for the first 10 episodes. De Rez has now thankfully dissappeared, but now we have this. It just doesn't feel fresh or funny, and lives in the shadow of all the millions of other cartoons with the pace and humour this desires. And yet, I could forgive this, if it was even remotely game related. Quite why a gaming magazine is hosting an average at the very best cartoon with no relevance to its subject manner is beyond me.

I find it quite funny that a certain staff member keeps jumping in to applaud with the least personal comments I've ever seen. Seriously man, have you even sat through this?

The first episode made me lol two or three times, I didn't find anything particularly funny about the second episode but it did put a stupid grin on my face. This episode wasn't very funny, but the first two episodes where more than enough to secure my interest in a few more shows.

The infamous SCAMola:
Th-That's terrible, I'm sorry.

Agreed....but the end cookie joke was funny.

In all honesty.....WHY does the Escapist like this series?

This one was better than the other two. Not great but good enough for five minutes of my day.

I loved last week's more. Keep 'em coming. And of course, make them catch us off-guard.

not funny.
somehow the game reviews have more lols.

go eat one of big worm's cookies. I think it's great

MMmmmm, cookies. I really like this show :)

I forgot to mention, the ending cookie punchline did get me.

I'm sorry, but Homestar Runner is funnier... and neither are funny. I don't think it's going to work.

The show is getting better slighty. Episode 3 is much more entertaining than the first one for sure. And the ending of episode 3 is somewhat funny.

I've given this a fair chance, but this is just bad. Not funny. I'm out...

Getting better but this really needs games references due to the sites format.

I'm not sure why this is on the website, it doesn't pertain to any video games or any other form of media.

Better transition in the episode would make it that much better. You have some good one liners and great characters, now just use them xD

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