Holy Crap, Saw Doesn't Suck

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Susan Arendt:


I'm hoping for a good plot. Does Danny Glover voice the character, or is it a soundalike?

Danny Glover wasn't actually in any of the traps in the movie from what I remember, someone else was in the face bear trap. So probably not.

Soundalike. But Jigsaw is voiced by the actor, which makes all the difference in the world.

Obviously. There is nobody who can replicate Tobin Bell's voice.


Wasn't the second film a prequel?

Could be wrong, the second one is actually that only one I haven't seen.


Can this be? A decent looking movie tie in??? :|

First Ghostbusters, now this? I'm getting ready for the apocalypse.

maybe, just maybe, developers are starting to realise where they are going wrong. Or maybe they are just fluking it....

I thought it would turn out crap, too. I'm glad I thought that way because now the game has exceeded my expectations, and makes me feel good.

Just wanna say, Called it.

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