Unforgotten Realms: Episode 35: Ratgina

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Episode 35: Ratgina

Eluamous Nailo fights for his life in the arena, while Gary watches on.

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Good episode

Damn Cliffhangers XD

Besides that good episode

(I watched the whole episode, I SWEAR, don't ban me please)

Ohh Rob you devil...


Let us form a group! The Cliffhangers boycot group!

Wraa Clifhangers!!!! x]

You are an evil, evil man, SirSchmoopy. :-D

rofl, you sir are such a bastard. :P


Oh yeah, some cliff hangers, too.

This season rocks.

Love it, seriously.

One of the more fun episodes of late.

2 cliffhangers nice! Ah, you are an evil man, but awesome.

Rorschach II:
Good episode

Please dont ban me from being one of the first a few minutes in because i jsut skip the ending and the intro. :/

I know I shouldn't but what u gonna do?

Don't tempt them =P

Listen ppl the more you try to guess wats on the show the more unlikely it will happen, Mr. Moran likes these cliffhangers, as u can see and he will change if we mess it up, we were very lucky he stuck wiv the timetravel thing, and said, "well wasnt tht obvious."

Great episode. Love the cliffhangers joke.

[quote="OiXerxes" post="6.119915.2338367"]DAMN YOU CLIFFHANGERS![/quote)

Cliffhangers! Dx

Alright I'm done with this show, I've got no laughs, and his staggering amount of cliffhangers are pissing me off, so I'm done.

Oh well, at least douglas was killed by a groundbold.

Great episode man. keep up the great work!

Nooo. That was so mean Rob!
Even if it is fairly obvious what is gonna happen with Elamous and Petey/Elizabeth.
curious to know what the spell is gonna be as he has already cast Flare though :S
Oh well guess i'll find out next time...on unforgotten Reeeeaaalllmmmmssss

two cliffhangers in one episode! well well you are sneaky. And the series is great dont stop macking them and remember you can do anything is you belive in yourself!


Im almost agreeing with broken wings here.

maybe itll perk up when they actually finish a quest...



Awesome episode.

Broken Wings:
Alright I'm done with this show, I've got no laughs, and his staggering amount of cliffhangers are pissing me off, so I'm done.

What?? 2 Cliffhangers was awesome!! How can you not like 2 Cliffhangers?? I mean 2 Cliffhangers was awesome!!

I'm liking this season a lot more than season 2 so far, even with all the cliffhangers.

Hmm.... Two for one? What an amazing deal!

Also, does it seem strange to anyone if I don't care whether Douglas lives or not? Just checking.

"You're terrible at quoting things, Wiggly."

Without URealms I'll die.
Very nice episode and uh I wasn't expecting 2cliffhangers at once :(
Groundbold FTW

Couldn't help but crack up at "Oh MAN, You should've seen the look on your face"


Fantastic episode.


Another week to find out nothing, just like last week.

You seriously need to make this storyline work, i remember old schmoopy and nailo that used to be great, and now its just messed up :>


Double cliffhangers!

"It's time to kick ass and take out the trash. And I'm all out of...bubblegum."
Great episode, they've really seemed to pick up recently.
But the 2 cliffhangers is just mean. :(

You are a cliffhanger master, I applaud your awesomeness. Now you should make a Timmy the Evil episode so that everyone has to wait another week!

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