Stolen Pixels #100: Party Within Specifications

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This is a triumph.

Happy 100th.

So how many punches do I have to give your comic strip through my monitor?

Man you're nowhere near as funny as Travis. I think he should take over the comic.

CAKE OR DEATH! As Eddie Izzard would say, But here we get both! Grats and keep on making more. =)

Aw! Look how cute GLaDOS's cores look with their party hats :D

"and a lie is something that is not a cake" Hahaha! Genius!

Whatever, delicious cake is worth anything. Even death.

Congratulations on your 100th comic! This was a great strip, keeping well with the tone of Portal. Also, it made a refreshing from the L4D themed strips of recent times.

You should include these comics everytime they come out in the emails your site sends out. I'd be more likely to read all of the comics if they were sent to me. Nice reminder. Think about it and get back to me.

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