To Hell With Gravity

To Hell With Gravity

To do list: jump off buildings, head butt poultry, and scream a lot.

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Awesome, I'm gonna probably get this. What could be better than flying to amazing death ad flipping off everyone as you go! I will of course, just like everyone on Youtube will be, finding the most outrageous ways to die.

(Also, First)

I'm so getting this!

This sounds like a great laugh. Simple idea but done in a quirky way.

There was once a time where I thought Young's Double Chocolate Stout was a brilliant idea. That time period lasted from approximately the time I bought it at the store, to the time I opened it and tasted it.

Gravity: a nessecery evil.

I do this anyway. It's easy: you just have to aim for the ground and miss!

I prefer pouring a bunch of sand into a bathtub, draining it, then watching the tape in reverse.

This game seems like something I'd make. Ir's funny and doesn't take itself seriously. I want the title screen to have somebody actually screeming the name. I also want to make a movie called Now Hiring.

Aw, I expected this thread to contain a rant about gravity :( I dislike gravity. It breaks stuff...
Well that looks like a fun game, maybe I'll try it.

I played the alpha (inventively titles "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAALpha"), and it was great fun, even without the chickens and fans to flip off.

this looks freakin sweet!

Aaaaa looks pretty sweet, but might be better in 3rd Person, to make the biffing all the more entertaining.

Like Sebenko, I also played the alpha.

It was damn fun, even if the menu interface was a little bit irritating. I can not wait for the new game; hopefully they'll have fixed the little bugs by then.

This game sounds epic. If it's released on the 360, I'm getting it.
Also: Greatest thread title ever.

Though it's not explicitly mentioned, you can check out the Alpha demo for free at the Dejobaan site. It's quite fun.

FYI the free pre-release demo is available now (as of June 18th) -

Replace gravity with gravy!

FYI the free pre-release demo is available now (as of June 18th) -

Spammer! *hits over head with banhammer*

So far, I'm enjoying the game. The company's humor shows and I like it a lot, particularly the audio for buying the game : D

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Heh heh... now we know !

HAHAHA! Awesome.

this is the most stupidly weird and gruesome game ever thougth...
cant wait to play it!!! XD

Playing this game's demo was the most exhilarating half-hour in front of my computer ever. I nearly fell out of my chair once as I tried to dodge a building. I need to get Aaaaa! when it comes out.


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