Review: Demon's Souls

Review: Demon's Souls

If you think you're up for a challenge, give Demon's Souls a try. It'll leave you a whimpering mess.

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If you've been thinking that games have been too wimpy nowadays, import Demon's Souls and celebrate as it chops your face off. Well, that or at least clamor for its release.

It's already been picked up for North American release through Atlus. =)j

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game.

Sounds cool, I'll wait for Atlus to publish it here before I jump in.

I'll get this, sounds like an awesomely challenging game.

Demons Soul is an awesome game I urge you all to pick up.

Seems nice, though I'm not the target audience for grinding.

I've got it, ordered it from PlayAsia after a really positive buzz about it from GAF.

I got through the tutorial and have been stuck on the first level for a month. It's skill based, no doubt about that, JESUS...

Hmm... Is this game being released in Europe, because everywhere I've checked seems surprisingly vague about a European release, I hope it does... This game looks awesome.

Any word on the ETA of this title in the US?

Any word on the ETA of this title in the US?

I believe it's currently slated for late October.

Is it in the 80 to 120 dollar range for import? Or should I wait til october?
I'll decide on payday.

I've seen no buzz on the game, glad you did a review, I'll be looking for ir in october at the very latest.

I believe it's currently slated for late October.

That makes me very giddy with joy.

After reading your review of the game, I will freeze myself so that I may speed through the months until this game is released in the States.

I've got this game and I love it. Who else thinks it would be perfect for a Zero Punctuation review? It's hard as hell but extremely fun and satisfying at the same time, just be sure to take a look at as it helped me immensely in understanding the game.

Looks and sounds like Super Ghost N' Goblins + 10 million.

I don't have PS3


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