Zero Punctuation: Prototype

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Prototype in a head-to-head cage match against inFamous.

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Hey, I get a suspension and he gets probation? That's not even fair.

Hey, I get a suspension and he gets probation? That's not even fair.

You know you were going to get banned for it and even put it in your post!

I prefer Prototype, but the ending puchline made me laugh.

Also, Mr.Bean being a mass muderer. Classic.

Emo Peter Pan. That was funny.

Haha, awesome review. I totally agreed in most parts, although I never use the Whipfist or "Extendo-tentacle" rather than the Blade. Great job once again. :P

This is not really a Review of Prototype rather than a half assed debate. I real dissapionted this week.

Brilliant! Yet another great review by Mr Croshaw.

I wonder which developer will have the picture finished first...

Brilliant, as always. Hope Yahtzee posts the picture when it gets sent to him.

I enjoy Prototype as it's the only one I own. On that chance I shall go photoshop a picture of Alec MErcer in a bra so he will win.

Nice review, just go on Rule 34, there are bound to be some bikini pictures on there.

It was fun but yathzee seems to be trading game review quality for dick jokes lately. Not quite sure whether i like this.

Haha, hilarious review. And it was the review I hoped he would make, cause I may get this game.

Ayup, I did laugh, mission accomplsihed, see you next week.

(Especially since I couldn't care less about either game)

Well, now I'm even more divided than i was half a month ago.
But since I share the opinion that moral choice can go fuck itself, and gliding like knuckles the echidna is the only part of Soniv Adventure I liked, I'll side behind Prototype. And the combat seems funner and more viceral.

LMAO!!!! Oh god that was funnier than hell! "I'll award best game to which ever company sends me the best picture of their main character in a bra." HILARIOUS! Good job Yahtzee.

Funny episode, but kind of short.

So many people suspended/on probation today.

I'm guessing Yahtzee doesn't know what to make of Prototype either, since it an inFamous are pretty much similar in some regards, but I am thoroughly enjoying Prototype. Mainly due to the Parkour and when i am gleefully killing anything that happens to be in my path at the time in a wonderful gory mess.

Still, did think this was his funniest review for sometime, especially emo Peter Pan =P

I knew you'd do this but it was worth the wait, after watching this I'm actualy going to buy inFAMOUS as it looks more varied and I love comic books

Bionic Commando, Prototype, InFamous, The Conduit... Hmm.. yeah, these games need to go away now. I'm afraid we are being overrun by mediocre Bionic Superpowered Mutated Emo DoucheBags.

It's not usually surprising when a game comes out then another comes out just like it, maybe two, but this is getting crazy and none of these games are worth my time.


Bring on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories... NOW!

5 men down before the week is out. Oh well.

A chuckle as always. Wonder if anyone will send him the picture he asks for? We can only hope.

Good Review as usual ^^ ..
never tried the extendo tenticle just stuck with blade and muscle mass xP..
anyways good work maybe i should try infamous :/..

I thought this'd be this weeks ZP. NIce job, as always.

I almost cried during the part about eating a man, taking his appearance, running up a 200 story building, and then doing an atomic elbow drop on his bewildered widow. Killing me...

Nice review, haha Emo peter pan^^

I suspected he'd do prototype, but then again there's no way for me or anyone else who just said that to prove it, and it was a pretty obvious anyway, bringing into account no one cares anyway... so WHO GIVES A SHIT? Seriously it's like saying "first".

Back to the main subject here, just as X-Play predicted you can't go wrong with inFamous or Prototype. But still to decide which one is the best the developers have to do WHAT? Bravo for the crazy points Yahtzee, truly bananas indeed. But from a personal opinion I'd still go with inFamous, first come first serve and all that. And besides EMPEROR PALPATINE LIGHTNING I used it and I freaking love it.

That was a pretty solid review. I'm gonna have to pick ou both games soon.

Why did this have to be a versus video? They aren't that similar, are they?

I liked that one.
It does in fact seem the shows quality varies on the games he reviews.

I was waiting for one of these(meaning an Infamous Vs Prototype review), but little did I know the first one I'd see would come from Yahtzee...
In any case, it was entertaining, and both games are finally giving me a potential reason to maybe go pick up a PS3.

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