Unforgotten Realms: Episode 36: Groundbold

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Episode 36: Groundbold

Schmoopy and Douglas visit the king of Reldawin, in celebration of a new champion.

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Great as usual

That was one of the best ones yet.

Wow, pollitical commentary in Unforgotten Realms.
My mind has been blown.

sweet, very sweet

Lol, that was awesome. ^_^

excellent one of my new favorite episodes from you

I wanna have a groundbold for a pet.

Oh snap!

Awesome episode. I loved Gaary's speech about panning the camera lol.


Hilarious episode :D

Great job!

Will Shmoopy and Douglas ever get their free chicken wings?

The suspence is killing me...

I wanna have a groundbold for a pet.

Me too. Great one Rob. Bring on the Harry Potter jokes. lol.

Awesome episode. And woo story advancement.

pretty funny as always. still waiting for roamin

damn dude you really outdid yourself this time. ridiculously awesome episode! can't wait for the potter jokes to fly on their broom across next weeks show!

Sweet I get to learn Groundbold next episode. That's mint.

The best episode of this season so far and one of the best in general! Thanks Rob!

That was a great episode, and I guess I was right about Mike getting a Sin as well.

Great work guys! Definitely my favorite of the new "season" episodes.

Fantastic episode!

That was one of the best episodes in a while. :D

Funny how his dad called him douglas when that isn't his name:)

Ahh, a reminder of why I like this show. Good job, Mr Rob (That sorta rhymed!).

I must say, I loved Douglas' little chicken wing song. That made my day.

groundbooooold ^w^

he's adorable, but what happened to the chicken wings?

great ep XD

Ha, even "Douglas'" Dad refers to him as Douglas, he has officialy been renamed.
Awsome episode.

"Im in shock".

Great episode! Loved the last part with the half translation of the kobold speech :P

Keep up the good work Rob!

So... is Jaque still trapped inside the belly of that sea monster?

Awesome episode. I remember that wizard guy (it was something with nador in it) was briefly seen in one of the classic episode openings. Schmoopy was on a boat, with that guy below him and attempted to jump him I think.

Aside, from that, I'm curious to see how the harry potter parody is pulled off.


wasnt that the guy from the old old series in the intro on the boat that he fell off of...naaaa

the ground bold rolled a bulbasaur on his assassination roll. =D

So... is Jaque still trapped inside the belly of that sea monster?

WHAT. Jacque was never left behind in the sea monster...

Good episode :D

great. as always. in anything. i always hate when people dont realise like, the main characters full potential. who they are. and shiRt. but i wanna go to hogwats

groundbooooold ^w^

he's adorable, but what happened to the chicken wings?

great ep XD

I have eaten the chicken wings.

I am in total shock. Great episode guys.

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