Unskippable: Damnation

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Graham and Paul use their looking glass on the steampunk robots of Damnation.

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Good Day, Good day, Good Day Bang! That was funny, sadly I bought this game.... It is really really bad...

(Zombie General Mecha Grant lolz)

That was the dumbest game I have ever seen. I mean, really, they tried to go all futuristic, while trying to seem rustic and old at the same time. So dumb.

Zombie General Mecha Grant. Lulz.

I love the "Mechs and Lincoln!" bit. The civil war would way more awesome with robots.

The historical inaccuracies:

Ninjas = Lincoln


Steam power = awesome!

Motorbikes (?)

This was a great one. What were the developers smoking?

What a bad looking game lol

Nice job... under boob... stipper pole...lol

This makes steampunk go more underground now.

I learned a lot of history from this video, thanks Unskippable!

So thats why the Union wore blue. Thanks for the history lessons Unskippable. I have to write an essay about the Civil War and this saved me alot of book lurnin and research.

I am now utterly convinced that there were robots in the civil war, that Abraham Lincoln was a ninja and that he was assassinated by another ninja by John Wilkes Boothe who rode a steam-powered motorcycle. Awesome.

Better than usual. The Lincoln ninja bit and Paul Hogan bit made me laugh especially.

My god, this was terrible. I hate it it when developers do alternate history like this, thinking they're making a lick of sense.

Funny video as always, though.

I should have known that was the reason for Lincoln's silly hat.

Making cutscenes into learning experiences, great job Unskippable!

"They took the professor!"
"And Mary Ann!"
"Awww... now my sword's way over there!"

Funniest episode yet, guys. Keep it up.

Awesome, Mechs and Lincoln

That looked like a terrible game. Makes a funny unskippable though.

Loved the "Gooday, Gooday, Gooday".

And how he is a generic action hero who once again "doesn't play by the rules" :O

Wow, I learned alot about the Civil War today.

Thats the most strangest civil war game I ever seen.

Great episode, love the mecha Lincoln bit.

Underboob FTW!!!

that is all

That was very good. Ninja Lincoln, away!

"Oooh, Cyclops' hippie cousin" made me laugh. I also love the Hulkamania line.

The discussion of Abraham Lincoln as a Ninja was brilliant. Another great video, guys!

I can now say watching Unskippable can teach you things. Like that underboob is a standard female armor component, and that Lincoln was a Mecha Ninja.

"Ah, this was before seats were invented. Everyone travelled by stripper pole."

That made me giggle.

I never knew history could be so fun!

Mechs AND Lincoln?!? Fingers crossed for a MECHA Lincoln.
Keep up the good work guys.

What a good job I had never heard of this game (would never have bought it because the anything with mecha lincoln and weird bikes is not a good game) and it makes me happy to know that america was alot further ahead of the rest of the world in Mecha techno (logy)

Awesome episode

wow this game SUCKS ASS

I wish you guys taught my history class :D

I don't get the "why do you think the Union wore blue" joke. Anybody care to fill me in?

Funny as always.

It's been said, but the "*BANG* G'day! *BANG* G'day! *BANG* G'day!" Made me laugh out loud.
Just hilarious.

Every time I shoot some one, I'm going to say "Good day".

If they have a jet powered motor cycle, why are they still using air ships? Why not... a jet?
Steam punk doesn't mean you get to throw out all the rules for style sake, that game shouldn't even try to be called steam punk.

Crimson Skies, pretty steam punkish, This game just looks retarded.

Why have I never heard of this game!? How can you go wrong with Lincoln, Ninjas, and Robots?

Awesome job guys.

I think the robots are more like...complex automatons :P
"This is your captain speaking and I don't trust either of you" XD

Why have I never heard of this game!? How can you go wrong with Lincoln, Ninjas, and Robots?

Awesome job guys.

Believe it or not they somehow figured out a way. You can clearly see what the devs were trying to accomplish. They just missed the mark.

This game looks. REALLY BAD. Good performance from the guys as always.

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