Zero Punctuation: The Sims 3

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The Sims 3

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews The Sims 3.

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Hurrah. The Sims 3.

I've been waiting for good analysis of this game for a while.

Wow i really was not expecting him to reveiw this of all things. He rips apart enough in other game reviews, cue franchise milking references.

Damn. i thought i would get first post. :D

Summer games drought... to be fair there is Red Faction: Guerilla, Overlord 2, The Conduit and a few others you could have ripped apart

I was hoping he'd review The Sims 3, and he did not disappoint. Funny as always.


Great review, but it seemed a bit off-topic at times.

I bet he is gay

i was hoping he'd review The Conduit. Oh, well. this should be good.

Great, I'm a woman.

I'm sad now. I feel like I've wasted my life.

Well done. I liked the vampire/plant person/robo-perseon stuff from Sims 2 as well.

PS: When you feel like it, I'd suggest Overlord 2.

hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that was depressing

Must be pretty damn boring time in Australia, THE SIMS, come on!?
But who cares, it was hilarious. :D
Looking forward to Ghostbusters.

I did when I had the game (Sims 2), played it be torturing them... its the only fun you get otherwise you might aswell not be playing a game and doing your routine, at least then you're doing it for yourself.

I will not be buying this one.

BTW whats with the barrage of first posts that have like 5 words in them? Its not an accomplishment in ANY sense...

Not a bad review, not utterly hilarious, but ok. i wouldnt mind seeing some old PS2 game reveiws, that no one played, like monster hunter and mercenaries (the first one)

ok, people started playing mercenaries after it went platinum, but still.

This video is full of truth.

Huh...I didn't expect that game.

It's fun to see him lose his mind like this.

EDIT: Eight people posting before they could have watched the video and none are banned? Everything's going CRAZY!

Was hoping you'd get to this one, raspy-voiced Yahtzee. Awesome, as per usual

so many vagina references in this review. I think if he truly isn't gay, he should go get laid or something. Also, Sims is indeed the evilest of games.

Didn't quite understand the part about women at the end.

Summer games drought is right, most of the "great" games coming out (Red Faction, Overlord, etc.) are turning out meh. At least Sims 3 has more widespread recognition.

He sounds like he has a throat infection

I think someone's having some Relationship issues... Btw, did anyone else notice that yahtzee sounds a little hoarse? Either needs to take a drink or he spent too much time screaming at a game.

heh, a trip into yahtzee's psche. I never knew a game could be so depressing!

sadfully i disagree about the women thing

Would it even make a difference if he was gay?
Anyway, best reference to vagina in my opinion was the "hot spam sandwiches" line. Made me giggle like a moron.

Really? People still can't stop posting waaay before they could ever have seen the video? Do you get a high from pointlessly posting early?

Anyway, fantastic as usual.

I'm starting to get pretty tired of Sims games..they should have been killed at about the same point as my old Sims characters..

great review(as always)

Aww, Yatzee, did your girlfriend break up with you?

It was alright, but I found the review a bit lacking in the comedy department this time around. It was entertaining, just didn't have that same level of humor his other reviews had.

"Yes my new vagina is growing quite nicely. Thank you for asking".

This review got pretty nasty as it went on, I was surprised and delighted. As usual, great work.

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