Zero Punctuation: The Sims 3

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I think he's losing his voice a bit. Maybe he has a cold.
He's also seemed to lost his touch and is just bitching ebcause it's his job. His heart's not in it any more.

Misogyny is always funny.

Hahaha, that was one of the funniest in a while.

It's so true.

"Incidentally I'm still not gay" Lmao.

"Women are evil." HA! Ain't that the truth. (goes into corner and sulks)

Well good review, but honestly...saying there's nothing else to review? What about Red Faction: Guerilla? What about the new Indiana Jones game (although I realize it would probably take longer to dust off the Wii than to beat the game)? If you want to start going further back, there's UFC, Damnation, Punchout!, Sacred 2, Xmen Origins: Wolverine, Demigod...

Exactly Exactly Exactly!

Mother Gaia bless you Yathzee Omega plus! Thank you for revealing the truth of the Sims; thath it's a bloody shitty wate of time and money. Ever since it came out I've been saying it's the biggest piece of shit since my post mexican food binge, but everone tries to patheticlly explain why it's not.

Thanks to this nugget of truth I can now confidently say that every Sims fan is a pathetic waste of flesh who deserves to be euthenized.

I was dissapointed when I didn't see the Conduit, but I'm happy now.

I totally agree with this one: once I picked up Sims 2 saying "hell, after all it's a management game!"... Well no, it's like those dolls that make weird sounds when they need to be robot-fed or robot-cleaned, just on a larger scale!
The problem IMHO is that it borders between the management (meaning "they do what you want to fulfill a goal") and the simulation (meaning "they do what they want, and you indirectly act on them"), but fails to be either.

And obviously the fact that they remove the DLC with each iteration is shameful, but after the Sims 1 -> Sims 2 transition who didn't see it coming?

not as good as usual but still made me smile,
i'd like to see a conduit rewiev whenever that game is realeased, i've been looking forward to it.

The Great JT:
PS: When you feel like it, I'd suggest Overlord 2.

Suggestions rarely work unless they're on the "gaming mass's agenda" which Overlord II (sadly) isn't.

Disaster Button:
He sounds like he has a throat infection

I noticed it too!

It all makes sense now.

The Sims 3 = evil.

Clearly someone's having relationship problems :)

Yahtzee has finally given proof that The Sims makes you the puppet.

Great review, but it seemed a bit off-topic at times.

Yeh i agree, i also think it wasn't that funny. Infact it wasnt funny at all, just weird.

Thank God I never chose to play Sims 3... I just played WoW which probably isn't too far off.

Never thought about The Sims that way.... *Starts up The Sims 3*

I agree. Weird, not really funny. True, in many places (regarding the game at least), but er.. Yeah. I feel kind of dirty.

I've been waiting for good analysis of this game for a while.

You seriously watch Zero punctuation for game analysis?

Holy shit, that was rather philosophical. I never realized how cold and utterly drawl my life is until now.

Oh well, back to the monotony of work.

I bought this game a few weeks ago. Your review was just about exactly everything I had to say about the game, only funnier.

Very good job this time.

so many vagina references in this review. I think if he truly isn't gay, he should go get laid or something. Also, Sims is indeed the evilest of games.

Well, he did say he has pretty much given up the hope of ever knowing the touch of a woman again at the end credits.

Hang in there, Yahtzee. All hope is not lost.

(P.S. All hope will be lost when the zombie apocolypse happens. but that's still questionable)

The Sims should be renamed to Tranquillity Lane.

Once again Yahtzee speaks the harsh and brutal truth.

I couldn't believe I found myself giving up my own routine to work on my Sims, after a week of installing the original.

I'm hoping as the drought occurs he would review Zeno Clash.

The Sims, evil? Why, I would never have seen that coming!

I barely have a life to begin with, I'm not about to start a fake one in a game. Bloody Sims, sucking people into it like...uh...a fly into a venus flytrap, I guess. Damn thee to whatever hell you crawled out of!

Funny review as always, though.

Damn, that was mean, and not in the usual ZP way. Also those arguments about women toeards the end of the vid -> nasty. DLC-KEA made my day.

But still... UR MR GAY like you said in the end of your SH: Origins review.

The instant I saw the title, I thought to myself, "Now THIS is going to be a wild ride."

And I was right.


Disaster Button:
He sounds like he has a throat infection

I noticed it too!

Weirdly, I think his vocie sounds better for it.

dude WTF
I was like OK a review on this game and then he loses me at the end about women being evil?

leave him alone he probably got dumped or something but it was funny

Wow!!!! No Trilby hats :S Fuck this shit

No Trilby hats? Then he's right about the Sims controlling us because they must have been the ones that made our lives hell.

This one was average on the funnyness compared to other Zero Punctuations.

Personally, I never saw the appeal of Sims. I play games to have something different from my normal life.

Yeah, I played the Sims 3 for about an hour and was done with it forever.

This one was unusually funny.

EDIT: They are usually funny, but this one was even more so.

i think this one was the greatest review yet

Never played Sims games, and I kinda was looking forward to how he'd hilariously wreck my Nintendo-fanboy dreams and almost unreasonably deem everything about the Conduit horrible. Maybe next week.

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