Review: Overlord 2

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Review: Overlord 2

Overlord 2 isn't deep and it isn't profound. It's just fun.

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hah see the dutch can make proper video games xD

For some reason I was always under the impression that Overlord was bad. I'm not entirely sure why, in retrospect.
I'm very tempted to buy this. Which is irritating, as I have other stuff I need to buy. Arrgh.

... That minion hugging the graveyard worker was the cutest thing I've seen all day. seals.

I downloaded the demo for this a little whil ago, and was very intruiged. But I'm slightly confused. In the demo, both the camera an the controls worked a treat - not in any particularly amazing way, mind you, but enough that I didn't notice any problem. Is the demo just misleading, or is the Ps3 version better in that respect?

My god that was cute. The resurrected minion hugging the reaper fellow. Actually made me laugh.
I want a minion plush! With the baby seal helmet.

Overlord 2 has been garnering much of the same negative feedback its predecessor got. Its good to see some positive reviews coming forth.

Like you said, for all the games faults, its still very fun.

Question: Do you think you would have gone through the same camera/control problems with the pc version? I played the pc version of the first Overlord and it wasn't as bad as you make it sound...

Argh! No! Why does my computer have to be broken at a time when such a great game comes out?!?

I quite liked overlord 2 - ok, the gameplay is pretty much the same as last time, and there are a host of things to complain about, but the gameplay is fun enough and the story fun enough to make it a fun play for me.

Thanks for the review. I just wish the video quality was higher. It looks like YouTube used to look before they implemented HQ/HD formats. Also, the splash screen is displayed in the fullscreen mode background. I guess you've broken Flowplayer, or are using an old version of it.

This looks like fun actually. I may have to pick this up. I am curious though, who the hell fed the mogwai after midnight? :p

I have now played it, I also realized that I'm an evil bastard.

I never heard of Overlord but I quite like the concept. It's like playing as Dungeon Keeper's Reaper.


Not sure if the camera would work better on PS3 or PC -- and to be honest, friends of mine who've played on the 360 haven't been nearly as frustrated with the camera as I was. But it drives me insane. Especially the bit where it tries to point me in the "right" direction.

I played the original overlord on the PC and I never had a problem with the camera. It was a great game, one of the few that actually held my interest to the end.

That minion hugging the graveyard worker was the cutest thing I've seen all day.

Hehe yes I had a little chuckle at that.

When Susan was saying how evil are you, I was waiting for her to say you are 'Timmy The Evil' evil :)

I shall have to pick up the demo off steam and give this a run about, though trying out aion for next few days.

I had a long-ass post here, but it got lost thanks to 404 error. So long story short:

Game is fun, funny, but minions tend to be just as stupid as you might imagine them.

At least Overlord doesn't die after 10 seconds of combat. And crafting is better... And.. well, it's a sequel that did a good job fixing mistakes of the past.

If they can fix some of the past problems, which it sounds like they haven't, it could be fun...after all who can argue against: evil = fun?

Seals can see in to your soul. They must be destroyed!

The first overlord was just a complete bore for me. I wish they made more of an overhaul on this game and I'd consider it, but since it's just the same old with new tweaks, I'll skip it.

Nice review. It looks fun, it does have its obvious moments of cuteness (reaper hugging). Might give it a go.

I ended up buying this game on impulse about a week ago...

Its not a bad game, but I really feel it is not worth a full game price, I'd say its a 20$ game at most.

Great game, and I loved it. My main problems were that I could barely get any Browns later on, and the final boss was completes shit.

I loved the first overlord and i love this one, it fixes many of the problems i had with the first game...with the exception of 2.
1) the camara can still be irritating, the PC version does not have as much of this problem
2) the boss "battles" are boring, this was deffinately the wrong direction to take the bosses. The first game you had to have good timing and tatics to get out of a boss battle without losing a bunch of minions. In this game, its like ok puzzle, move here, move there, attack...its just boring. I loved the sense the first game gave, a hero and the overlord going toe to toe in an epic battle. now its just like, ok you die now.

the new town system: i like, i always felt that taking over towns in the first game reaped no rewards
The new mistriss system: i like, what?
The tower: personally the decorations dont seem as creative as last game but it is still a cool tower none the less
The mounts: i like roling balls of fire
The story: the concept was good but since boss battles never felt epic the story suffered from that

I think this game is just as good as the original, mostly because the lack of a good boss fight really destorys the mood. And the legion soldiers start to get irritating.

I'm liking the look of this, but I'll do what I always do.

Buy the favourite ones I want like sequels straight away, then wait until after Christmas when nothing is released at all and buy games like this.

Susan Arendt:
Review: Overlord 2

Overlord 2 isn't deep and it isn't profound. It's just fun.

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While I'm still on the fence with weather to get this game, I really think this review supplement, is one of the best Ive seen on the escapist. In previous videos there seemed to be a lack of "flow" and it seemed as if the reviewer was just reading off their printed review. The video itself just seemed to lack the same finesse and meaning as the actual review article and was never all that interesting. Often times I would forgo watching the "Video part" and just read the print.
This was the first review that I actually enjoyed watching and felt had some substance to it. Now granted, I know that a video is often times not the best medium for reviewing -because you could often talk for an hour and setting up enough footage and editing for such a file would be a huge amount of work- but I think this was a great alternative. I normally only make an effort to watch a review if I'm unsure of the gameplay or don't have the time or post-interest to read an authors full review, and I felt this review encompassed all of those areas quite nicely.

I would only suggest that you be a little more forthright in your speech, it has a tendency to get lost or to be superimposed by the games sounds. Its just a small thing, and I think you've noticed it as well, because both you and the other reviewers seem to have had less of a problem with the audio integration as of late. But hay, Im no authority on this subject, and maybe thats the best way for the review to be done.

I really had no interest in this game, but Ill be checking into it a bit more.

This does look rather fun, and killing treehugging elves never gets old. Minion hugging the reaper was the shiznat! Your reviews are always great Susan.

Susan Arendt:
Not sure if the camera would work better on PS3 or PC -- and to be honest, friends of mine who've played on the 360 haven't been nearly as frustrated with the camera as I was. But it drives me insane. Especially the bit where it tries to point me in the "right" direction.

Yeah, the camera on the PC is much worse than it is on consoles, for the sheer fact that you don't have an analog stick to control it. It was the same problem with Overlord 1 on the PC. Plus, sweeping minions was far less buggy on the consoles. I've had many a time when I was sweeping minions and all of a sudden they jam up and go insane running all over the place like chickens with their heads cut off.

Nice review dude.

I think, judging from the range of comments here, that Overlord is in the eye of the beholder in terms of game control. I, for one, never found a great deal of trouble with the camera or the controls on the PC. The minions did seem to have some random thought making processes, but other than that, I found them easy to deal with and control. Frankly, it's the fact I can rescue my top dog minions that makes me the happiest. You'd go an play through a whole section and your minions would accrue all their stuff and then at the very next boss fight, your top 5 would get wiped out. Made it extremely frustrating because they'd always send the best in first, whereas I always wanted them to send the worst in, and then if it got really bad, I'd send in some better minions. That in itself would be reason enough for me to buy this.

A couple of things I'm interested in that weren't mentioned in this review: In the first Overlord, there were moral decisions that unlocked a different set of Overlord powers. Basically it was the choice between being Used-Car-Salesman-Evil or Kitten-Drowning-For-Kicks-Evil. It doesn't seem like that's here at all, seeing as I suspect you would of mentioned it, but just because you didn't mention it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen, as in my next thing.
Which is the plot. What is the plot? Frankly, one of the things that kept me playing Overlord (what drew me in was "You're the bad guy") was the fact that it had this great plot that follows the Overlord's enemies as they each become a physical representation of each one of the seven deadly sins. I learned afterward that Rihanna Pratchett had written the thing, which makes a lot of sense. So what's the basic plot outline this time? Is it good, is it compelling?

I always hated baby seals anyway. So goddamn cute...

I remember downloading the demo of the first game on my Xbox oh so long ago and being tremendously disappointed in it. The easiest comparison is to Pikmin, and I think the reason I was so disappointed was that Pikmin was very clean while the first Overlord felt a bit rough around the edges. However, I love the concept of it and I may give the second one a try.

Also, obligatory cute hug scene comment.

I learned afterward that Rihanna Pratchett had written the thing, which makes a lot of sense.

Out of total curiousity, is she in any way related/married to Terry Pratchett? Not being from England I kind of miss out on all but the most obvious of writers, and I was unable to find information about his wife without feeling weird about it.

Whoops, sorry for the double post, I didn't even realize this was the same topic!

oh Overlord, you and your happy fun of killing, pillaging and generally being really mean.

Also nice to hear Queen Susan's voice on the review =]

I bought the PC version and thought it was great(except for that last boss) but I might also get the PS3 version to get a better experience since the controls suck for the PC, especially if you use a pad instead of a mouse to move your minions.

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