Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge

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Okay, I just literally fell off my chair laughing as I read the topic on the front page of Escapist. That. Was. AWESOME. (Er, not the images themselves, those thighs give me nightmares. I was referring to the competition itself)

wow... what has been seen... cannot be.. unseen...

This is absolutely fantastic. The planets must be in the right alignment, for I never suspected to get a double dose of this hilarity in one week from the Escapist.

I just jizzed in my pants.

hmmm, atleast now we know how strange some of thye gaming companies really are

Yeah this.

Russ Pitts:

Unicorns FTW! Has anyone told Susan yet?

This all came together quite rapidly today. I don't think she's seen it yet. You'll know it when she does, I'm sure.

The delighted squeal will be heard for MILES.

Sickened. Disturbed. Overjoyed.

You've pretty well summed up my feelings here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go curl up in the bottom of the shower until the scalding water washes away this dirty, dirty feeling.

Wow. They actually did it. XD

... They should make them bonus costumes in additional content somehow.

Agent Larkin:

hmmm, atleast now we know how strange some of thye gaming companies really are

Yeah this.

Funny how everyone was sick of Prototype vs inFamous until Yahtzee brought it up again, however this was pretty random in my opinion. Not bad at all, the rivalry continues.

Just the fact that they were game enough to actually do it wins both developers a high-five from me. Well played folks.

Awesome. I think what I like more is the developers showing awareness, interest, and response to the community. Well done all around (in that respect). Well done on the renders, in that they are rendered well, now excuse me while I douse my eyes in kerosene and find a match... ow ow ow! I should have found the match first!!

They should make them bonus costumes in additional content somehow.

I'm gonna go with... please, dear God, no.

that was great... in a mildlyconfusing and disturbing way haha!

Oh, wow. Epicness.

oh god...

This is the most. awesome. event. EVAR!

i did not see that comming


yes... yes, this is hilarious.


Um, Alex is the main character of Prototype, not InFamous.

"Namely, which of the two studios could produce the best image of the rival game's main character wearing women's lingerie."
I was confused at first too.

Thank god you explained that for me =P

The one of the Infamous character looks like something out of a Priscilla: Queen of the Desert-inspired nightmare. Kind of like if Hugo Weaving did his "Agent Smith" act in the aforementioned movie.

Ahh something to laugh at for the week.

I think I have finally found an image more damaging than smile.jpg

I'm still upset that Free Radical didn't win, I figured the lightning sparkles were a far greater effort, and more stylish to boot!

StillI figure it's nice he told us to buy both games =7P, everyone's a winner.

That waaas... ¬¬
THe most awsome thing in the internet... so far...
Thanks Yahtzee to bring such... odd contest to life. And off course the developers too!

Even in the last, final fight for dominance, they all just cheat off of each other, idiots.

This, my friends, is one for the history books.

Yahtzee, you truly are one of the most charismatic stallions in the world if you can actually force two gaming companies to take you up on an absurd tiebraker contest. Kudos to you, and to the devs! This was as disturbing as it was hilarious.

Kudos to both developers for taking part in this sick competition. It definitely shows a lot of sportsmanship and how peculiar, yet amazing, the game industry is.

words can't describe how epic this is...

I will never be able to close my eyes without seeing those... things... again... this makes you realize, there has to be a god, but not a kind god like is ussually suggested by a statement like "There is a god", no not a kind, loving god, a kid playing sim city kind of god. Builds his city, gets bored, then trashes it. Also, he uses cheats, so he can just buy everything he crushed all over again instead of working for it...

All I have to say is LOL... I can't believe they acctualy did it.

That is awsome... yet sick.

Cool... I'm glad I got InFamous. I agree with the winner.

I just jizzed in my pants.


Gotta love Yahtzee. And it always surprises me how much the developers care about his opinion, even as much as to do those pictures...

Alright, now on to round 2

Sly Cooper and The Hulk in lingerie.

I just realized: Why does Yahtzee draw his fancy hat, but not his stylish glasses?

The pictures are gonna be stuck in my mind for a long time.

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