Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge

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I'm not sure what scares me more, the images or some of the responses to this thread >.<

Wait: were they labeled backwards? The first was InFamous and the second was Prototype. Or am I just having a dyslexia moment...

Good for both of them I geuss. I'm going to purge my eyes out now.

Makes me wish that Prototype had unicorns.

Wow. Just. Wow..

Oh god no.
I laughed so hard.
but you have to admit, it is frankly disturbing that they would go to the trouble to do this.

Well I can only thank $diety that it's not particularly arousing.

...No way. Holy crap they really did it....wow.

jus wondering who bothers to make pic's like that....its just.....ummmm interesting

Huh. It was weird how they both had unicorns...I wonder if this means anything.


I am... impressed, to say the least, by those submissions.

Those are truly some sick, hilarious minds you have at your development studios.

Best fucking picture ever!
I will never sleep good at night ever again.


Best fucking picture ever!
I will never sleep good at night ever again.

Its very funny but I kinda want that I never saw it in the first place XD

Has anyone else gained a newfound, or at least greater, respect for both of these companies?

That was amazing. At least we finally know which is better...

I think this shows how much free time Free Radical and Sucker Punch have.
Yahtzee, you deserve a medal.

... The awesomeness of the games industy just quadrupled, one of the few areas with a sense of humor.


Yahtzee, the power of Gods resigns with in him.

This will be recorded in the anneals of epic win for all to read and be humbled by. The day that one being, all be it a powerful one, made man and corporation alike kneel before him in awe of his might.

Did they get Yahtzee to crouch so that his photo would fit next to the text?

I kid, I kid.

This was complete fucking srange but atleast it was fun to read and it had a winner!^^

I CALLED THAT SHIT. It was delightful

Thats sooo wrong, and I could have gone my hole life without looking even close at those images, but Yahtzee had to point it out.

Sucker Punch could have just been lazy and sent them a picture of a hot chick since Alex can take the form of anyone.

Im confused...it sounded like he said the Prototype pic won, then said InFamous...my head hurts.

Both companies though are better in my eyes now. It is nice when they are willing to take part in things like this for fan's amusement, as well as being aware of such things.

We'll say it again for those that didn't read properly.
Each developer sent in a picture of the OTHER studio's main character. So the pic of the Prototype character was done by the guys from InFamous and vice versa.

As a side note, anybody want to give odds of one of the legal team for the two studios not getting the joke and starting up a copyright infringement suit?

I totally called this. When I saw Yahtzee's Prototype video I just had a feeling this would happen.

IMHO prototype stuck true to the request and did nothing to "augment" and gave us a straight up render of the character in lingere "drag", win! obviously Yahtzee is easily influenced by a pair of tits, even if they are on a man's body.

ah I hoped he would keep it at draws and just see who'd cave in the fastest :P

Nice to see gaming companies can loosen up, besides Valve. That's damn good art that was done, as well as obvious humor. Cheers to both!

Both of these are excellent fodder for sequels to the comparatively bland plots of both games. Cole would be...electric in Vegas, and Alex simply ravishing atop a charismatic unicorn. The devs need to recognize this before it's doomed to that strange, strange land of fan fiction...

Oh god, I can't believe they actually submitted pictures....

Oh my god lol that's hilarious

That Prototype image is classy. It has this innocent coquettish that embodies, the romantic in even the most prudish of women.

Has anyone else gained a newfound, or at least greater, respect for both of these companies?

Both, They had the guts to face the challenge, but to make something like that is just...disturbing

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