Unskippable: Bionic Commando

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Bionic Commando

Graham and Paul are armed and ready for Bionic Commando.

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Well the draw distance is better than morrowinds :0
The arm puns are pure gold as well.

Edit: Is it just me or was there terraible frame rate lagg all over that video?

Well, hi there kids. I'm the happiest plane ever.

Just awesome.

And the Wilhelm scream in the background...

Three legged race and they got confused... gold

Oh god, the puns... The puns... It should be a crime...

ALERT: Excessive arm puns inside!

The arm jokes were the best...

Is that the guy from Cowboy Bepop?

armistice, nice.

"I'm unarmed."

Well, hi there kids. I'm the happiest plane ever.

Just awesome.

And the Wilhelm scream in the background...

actually, that was part of the cutscene it self, i played the game, the guy fell into the engine, i laughed.

funny video thou :D
lots of arm jokes, and they had the same question about the pods too...

Hm hm... puntastic


A very good episode. Thanks dudes.

"Well lets give him a hand *clap* *clap* *clap*"

Where I come from, puns are met with death. We call it a lenient policy.

So many arm jokes, so little time...

"Stick one hand up for yes, two for no."


Narrator voice is played by steve jay blum the same guy who does the voice of Spike from cowboy bebop and Vincent Valentine from final fantasy 7 and Kou from the bouncer. Ironically the unskippable crew have also done those games as well.

I love the bad puns

my favorite line was "get over here" aka the scorpion line from mortal kombat

sorry spence is the main character

So many puns...yet they worked so well.


Woohoo! Wilhelm scream! And the puns were gold too.

im surprised they never said they were from the ARMy

"Not quite red-shirt but there is a lot of orange" Sweet! Almost made up for all the arm puns.... almost.

Wonderful, love the arm puns, good work boys.

Was there a bit of gameplay in the middle of this that got skipped? Because if you need to have a save point in the middle of the opening cinematic, you're doing it wrong.

That was funny. I loved all the arm puns. ARMoury, ARMistice. It cracked me up.

The narrator was Steve Blum (Spike from Bebop, Vincent from FF7) "I've got to stop Metal Gear."

That stupid plane...who the hell designed those? Barney?

Just the opening "I'd rather invest in Capcom's future" both clever and cringe worthy (which sums up the series in a way). I really didn't like the first few unskippables but the latest ones have been rather good.

Yes, the terrible puns! Way to channel some classic MST3K, guys! Great episode.

"See that pile of boxes? She's in one of them."

Also, glad I'm not the only one who played ActRaiser.

Epic as always.

The arm puns... They hurt. A hilarious episode.

One day I would like to see them do a MASSIVE episode. Like all of the cutscenes in a game or something. I don't care how impossible, I can dream.

"Saying all of this really makes me sound like a tool..."

Well, he would know what a one-handed clap sounds like.
Also, that sure was a handful of arm-jokes!

Ow! The Puns! I just can't handle them all.

Oh, oh, recognize that voice? It's fucking Steven Jay Blum.. AGAIN.

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