Stolen Pixels #105: Left 4 Dumb, Part 21

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Stolen Pixels #105: Left 4 Dumb, Part 21

We have a plan to get you out of Left 4 Dead, but someone's gonna have to ride on the handlebars.

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Ha! Hilarious! Keep up the good work.

Actually one of the funniest Gmod comics about at the moment. Theres a certain feel to it that reminds me of Concerned: The Life and Death of Gordon Frohman. Keep them coming, and I liked the DOA4 lot.

I'm still holding out for the Military Rescue Hydrofoil.
More on topic: This comic was good.

I love the Left 4 Dumb series and this is my favourite so far. Keep up the good work.

I see another arguement about who gets to ride on the same bicycle as Zoey coming. Poor girl.

Please, PLEASE, make Louis and Francis share a bike in the next one :)

I suspect the sequel will completley ditch the escapes, and the campaigns will end in somekind of boss battle.

Of course, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but neither does the whole sequel.


Space shuttle.

Considering what's happened so far, Lewis will probably get boned...again.

sorry I took the blue one. I saved the red one for Bill ^_^

on topic- LOL XD keep it up these are great!!!!

Since there are only 3 bicycles, I'm imagining all of them riding off into the sunset with Louis sitting on the handlebars and Zoey pedaling.

Wheeeee! We're flying like pancakes now, folks!


Since there are only 3 bicycles, I'm imagining all of them riding off into the sunset with Louis sitting on the handlebars and Zoey pedaling.

Wheeeee! We're flying like pancakes now, folks!


No, Bill, Louis, And Zoey would be all on one bike, since Francis will get the other two, just like the shotguns.......

Hmm, the train and 18-wheeler is actually a good idea.

Oh, good comic etc.

After beating tank-infested neighborhood magical-unicorns come to rescure you and your friends.

Just like in In-Famous, 5/5 (Stars or Rainbows Whichever you prefer)

I was actually startled when he said "This is it" I was thinking oh noes Not the End! and I can't wait to see the Classic Defender Mission play out.

"well it's either bikes or the pantomine horse costume..."

Hehe, another great installment, keep up the good work!

Long-time lurker says, "How about this?"


how about, 2 bikes and a tandem then :P





Honestly, that was easily the best line in the whole thing. Also, I like the idea of them escaping the zombie horde in a taxi, they should definately put that in L4D2 I think. Or at least as a hidden cheat.

In a taxi, being chased by a tank...they aint out of the woods until they shoot it down. I like the train idea, was hoping that was Blood Harvest's rescue what with all the following the train tracks. 3 bikes means Louis is gonna get boned, again..or he finally wises up and does it to Francis, time will tell!

Left 4 Dumb is quite funny, but it's getting a bit tiresome... I want normal Stolen Pixels back!

Maybe make Left 4 Dumb a seperate thing?

How about those electric wheelchairs for the elderly?
Try out running the horde on one of those.

Heh, I laughed at the "I call dibs on the red one" part.

It reminds me of the Ahn'Qiraj instance Blizzard implemented. It had four colors of bug mounts: red, green, yellow and blue. They were all the same speed so no difference really. But they gave the red ones a lot smaller drop chance. Everyone wanted a red one, even if they already had another one...

Yes, I can prefectly imagine that everyone would want the ferrari of the bicycles.

Ha-ha, brilliant - I can't wait to see the drive-by-bike mission (featuring the Reaper!)

Wow somone is going to be left for dead.....Where have I heard that before?

Funny keep it up!

All 3 of the bicycles will collapse, then Francis will trick Bill into giving them a piggyback ride to safety.

now that's something i wanna see in L4D2 !

Awesome as always! Keep up the good work!

One of the levels in Left 4 Dead 2 will end you being air-lifted out on a Pelican. Valve will then release that they've been working closely with Bungie lately, and that Left 4 Dead is actually a prequel explaining where The Flood originated. That we are actually the Forerunners, and the humans in Halo are actually a second race of humans who came into being after we first activated the rings.

Left 4 Dead 3 will take place in space and will be mostly about us researching, and trying to create said weapon to destroy the infection.

now this is my favorite one, lol. But you do have a point on all the basic, usual rescue vehicles being used. Honestly does are the only ones you should use, only a retard will try to escape in a bicycle.

imwilling to bet, that louis, gets left behind, possibly jumped by a hunter and torn up, he hasnt put a hunter in this yet

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