Zero Punctuation: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

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Damn you, Im on work and cant watch the video.
I hate you !
Post your videos 1 hour later :p

Thank God we didn't have to wait a year to get the game in Australia.

Wait, they actually got Dan Ackroyd to do voices for this game?


Fun review, seemed like an alright game due to it not being tied to a release date that is the same or similar to a movie's release date, but I haven't tried it. Looks neat, though.

Great review and very just points one cannot expect a movie producer to make a game as they are and will remain two different kinds of entertainment

I sort of saw this coming. Him reviewing the game, and sawing it to little ectoplasmic pieces.

Nice critique, I've been debating about getting this...

On another note, the crossword-style word jumbles are getting more and more crazy (read: impossible to follow), but, you know, in a good way.


If he posted the video an hour later you still would watch it at the same time. So really it makes no difference.

I was half expecting it to be a positive review

Silly me.

lol, love the ending. Yes its true this man has no dick.

Edit: Does this mean he is finally going to review Red faction next?

Great like always but I'm shocked the game only came out a month or so after us americans.

I had an inkling it might be this. Brilliant work as always.

Funny as always.

"Retard Round-up"

Classic Mr Zee :D

okay that was entertaining enough, but rather than make valid points about it i'm just going to post and go YAY as my post count goes up by one.

Well done Yahtzee, you person who doesn't read this

Well Chief, did you get all versions or just the PS3 one that all of Europe got stuck with? =) Congratulations though, Europe is the stepchild on this release, you deserved a break down under.

Anyway, liked the review, somehow I wasnt surprised that a movie tie-in game was fairly bad. Even though the movie was released 25 years ago and this is an anniversary release.
It has a neat physics engine though. :)

Playing Ghostbusters was kind of like sucking off a pig, now that you mention it.

Although I feel compelled to believe every word Y to the Z says about his game, it isn't that bad. I borrowed it from a friend and I swear I haven't regret one second of playing it.

Knew you would complain about the AI. Although is there any game except Left 4 Dead where you cannot complain about the AI?

Never really a big Ghostbusters fan, to be honest.

Thank God we didn't have to wait a year to get the game in Australia.

Nope, this time it's Europe to take the shit. We ain't getting the game until September or something.
Why is beyond me.

Nice review though.

Must. Wash. Brain. Bad Image. Pig. *Death*

Oh well, it was hilarious even if it did scar me for life.

"You've got the equivalent of a speeding fireworks truck in the middle of the nuclear holocaust"
"It's like keeping plates spinning in the middle of a moshpit"

Quite plain ZP aside from those two lines.

One day there will be a goooood game based on a movie or book. Goldenye does not count 'cause it only used the name. It's a entirely different thing from the movie.

i feel sorry for the pig

And on that note I will see Zero Punctuation next week.

Thanks for that final tag line to remind me why I loved the original movie.

Hrmmmmm... rubbish him for stamping on Ghostbusters being like the movie (Well DUH!)

or gleefully praise him for stomping on Doctor Who's writing.

Meh, you win this time, Yahtzee, this time.

On the contrary, I enjoyed Ghostbusters immensely. Sure, his review was funny, but a lot of the stuff he was complaining about (like the characters and the game being realistic to Ghosbusters canon) were the REASON I enjoyed the game so much. I had a few minor complaints, but nothing that absolutely ruined the game for me. So, in short, funny review Yahtzee, but I disagree with you and you are entitled to your opinion.

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