Apocalypse Lane: Episode Seven: Your Friendly Neighborhood Cat

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Episode Seven: Your Friendly Neighborhood Cat

Cuddles and Gladys throw down in the battle for Steve's affections.

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This show is getting good now. Episodes before this were fairly meh but now you've got the ball rolling, I can see this show becoming one of the Escapist's finest. Keep up the good work.

I love it (: "What a Unexpected turn of events." I lol'd XD.

ha i think the same things about fallout 3

lol, "well, that was a dumb idea!"

good show man, nice work!

It's getting better by each episode.
Also, the Fallout 3 reference was hilarious.

Wow, was that an "Up" reference? Well done!

Mr Etheridge,

First off i would like to say thank you. Thank you for putting together what is becoming a better and better show with each and every episode. I am glad that you have found a place that both appreciates and allows you to showcase your talent. The theme song is so catchy it stays stuck in my head for days.

I've been a fan of your work for a while now. While watching the first episode of Apocalypse Lane i had this weird feeling of familiarity with the characters, and i realized why when Cuddles told Steve to "Get the hell out of here", and Steve said something along the lines "Okay buddy, see ya later" and he hopped away. I realized it was in the same style as a little short yet hilarious series of yours called Prostitute Mickey (Which if any of you haven't already seen it, Google for it, you wont be disappointed). It was at that point, i knew that i had found something special.

Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks again for putting together a great new series. Watching it is always a great start to my weekends.

You dead Muthaf*cka! All I gotta do is pull this trigger.
Hahaha this series is getting good.

Fallout 3 reference! Great episode. This is getting better each episode.

Yah! I got ninth comment!

Lol, I loved the Fallout refrence.

Lol, really like the fallout 3 refrence and the way that guy had 3dawg on his t-shirt

"As long as you put yourself in constant mortal danger and kill any small animal you see."

Loved it.

Cool, at the beginning I knew he wasn't holding a real gun... but still made me chuckle ;p

Also, the Fallout 3 joke - brilliant.

Ok, this show is definitely hitting a stride. It's finally finding it's own niche, and filling it well. This episode show alot of promise for the series and I look forward to next week.

that was one of your bests

Always been a fan. This episode definitely kicked it up a notch. Good work.

This show is awesome. I've enjoyed it since the teaser. I look forward to this show every week. It's funny as hell and the characters are great.

Fallout 3 reference Finally!

And the piss take of UP! was awesome too.

Up and Fallout 3 references were hilarious :D.
"Well that was a dump idea" got me trippin xD I nearly rolled on the floor :D.

For me this has officially became my favourite series on the escapist. Even beating Unforgotten Realms (just by a tiny but) because:
1. I like your cartoon/apocalypse/weird style more.
2. With all due respect to Rob you seem better at keeping continuity of the series. And thats honestly not the best part in UR (IMO ofc).

This was a fantastic episode. The fallout 3 reference, the idea from Up!, the make-believe sniper.
"So these three cats walk into a bar, and the bartender says he hates cats so he whips out a shotgun and shoots them all in the face!"

Loved the Fallout 3 reference!

I liked Cuddles' gay banter, and ive been waiting for a Fallout 3 referance.

Rolling beautifully, was abit skeptical around episode 3 or 4 but definatly not anymore! :D

This was a pretty damn hilarious episode. I'm glad to see the show has hit its stride definitely going to keep watching this.

Great Fallout 3 reference.

But either way the show is getting better. I know the first few episodes need to establish the characters and now we're getting going, its definitely watchable, on caliber with other Escapist shows.

Fallout reference was great. Haha, and I'm liking the characters more and more with each episode, so, nice character development. Keep it up bub, you're doing great!

It was pretty funny when Cuddles crashed but I hope next episode he actually gets somewhere.


lol @ the fallout 3 and Up jokes lol

The show is getting really good. Each episode it better then the last.

My favorite line this episode. "I'm crying like a little bitch because you're dating a big bitch." Win.

good episode, I'm wondering if those two guys on the T.V will appear on every channel which would be hilarious given the right shows (soap opra's reality T.V anyone?)

Well played Big Pete, well played. I can't wait to see what happens next, personally I want to see more of Mr. Hickey and the Sock Puppet, they're hilarious.

Ha great episode! I loved the end "Well that was a dumb idea". It just gets better, and better =D. Keep up the good work.

I just love this show, so much.

I totally called it last week. "I'm betting on Cuddles jumping town." huzzah!

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