Unskippable: Valkyria Chronicles

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lmao, funniest one ever

The fish voices did it for me. I haven't had to pause the video to laugh since Grandia III. Awesome episode.

lol *seeds in the air

"What are those?"


Fishy McSketcherson's the name.

Fishy Artist McSketcherson.


Fishy McSketcherson's the name.

Fishy Artist McSketcherson.

The Artist formerly known as Fishy Artist McSketcherson.


dalek sec:
Alright, one question for Graham or whoever can answer this but why does that girl remind you of that Klonoa character? Is it just a joke or an actual reason?

I think it's the hair. It kind of looks like Klonoa's ears, I think they are ears at least.

Ah I see, thanks again Slycne for answering my question.



Fishy McSketcherson's the name.

Fishy Artist McSketcherson.

The Artist formerly known as Fishy Artist McSketcherson.


LOL march 15th is my birthday ^^

funniest vid yet! GJ doodz!

I just got this game by mailorder, perfect timing!

"They fought like warrior poets.

They fought like Scotsmen.

And they earned their freedom."

"What followed would prove that a tiny nation could best a military giant"
Yeah, I thought "Uhmm, spoliers" too

i cant believe it. no don Quixote jokes?

are you kidding me? it was perfect.

The talking fish were just hilarious. These honestly keep getting better every week.

Great episode guys... it's a shame my PS3 less-ness is a small obstacle in playing this game...


dalek sec:
Yeah, I gotta admit, the cell shaded type of art style really doesn't really work in a time of war.

Just wondering but who does that girl remind you guys of again? I couldn't hear her name.


OMG i have to thank you ive been wondering who that charecter was from the many a year ago, thank you kind sir.
Awwweeeeesoooome episode as always, loved the fish jokes

Love the metal gear reference!
Love can bloom on the battlefield Otacon!

That was epic.
I love the fish ^.^

I kept expecting an Eternal Sonata reference, since both games are JRPGs rendered in very similar art styles...

North and South MacGuffin Town can be in perpendicular directions if you're not actually directly in between them. Just, y'know, saying.

"...a tiny nation could best a military giant"

THIS...IS...GALLIA!!! *kicks over monitor*

"Even their declaration of war is sissy"- Awesome.

"Hows the water, fish?"

"What do you mean 'hows the water?'. It's water!"

"Hows the air douchebag!"

Ah the fish were funny...MORE FISH PLEASE!
But I would also enjoy them more if they were battered and put with some chips.

argh it hurts!!!!!!!
this intro was so boring and bad even the excellent humour of unsinkable couldn't save it.

I preferred the Bionic commando one, but mainly because that was the very definition of pun-tastic.

This was still pretty cool

"Of course I know there is a war on, who do you think I'm spying fooorrrr oh f--"

Wow once again very funny.

The talking fish got me laughing

"How can North and South Bruhl be perpendicular to eachother?"

If the roads to north and south bruhl were roads which pointed northeast and southeast respectively, that sign could be correct.

"Now, I know that people are being slaughtered in the streets and their houses set on fire and grenades are exploding everywhere... but, with these painterly graphics and this fuzzy white border, I am still relaxed."

*Gunfire continues*

"It's all gonna be okay."

Oh man, I loved every second of this one. From "How's the air, douchebag?" to "I wet my pants" to "WE HAVE NOTHING TO ADD TO THIS SCENE"... just, all priceless. It's on par with that Lost Odyssey one you did, just excellent.

"How's the air, douchebag?"

Awesome. Just.... awesome.

yeah that part was hilarious XD I just love this show! Why can't it be on T.V. and they get paid!

I can't believe they actually decided to go with a "no punsies" rule this week. Wonder why...

Perhaps they went way over their usual pun quota last week. Shame, really.

Still, this week made me laugh too. Thanks, guys, for all the fish.

Thats got to be one the best episodes yet, not a dull moment.

Whats more funny is when a game opening is given the Unskippable treatment AND a Zero Punctuation review, it doesn't really do justice for the said game... I mean Valkyria Chronicles is a great game with a unique graphical art style (the war torn cities do go well with graphics so its not all green fields) but the plot is really pretentious and sugary... I got diabetes half way through but it was good enough to keep playing!

"Now I know people are getting slaughtered in the street, their houses destroyed and grenades exploding everywhere... but with these painterly graphics and this fuzzy white boarder, I am still relaxed."

I'm going to start saying "This will be great for my fish diary". Nice one, guys, and keep up the good work.

Quite enjoyable. Honestly I was about to kill them considering my unconditional love of Valkyria Chronicles, but they did a nice job and had some good fun.

Me three.

"Love can bloom on the field, Otacon."

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