Apocalypse Lane: Episode Nine: The Master of The Gamerz

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Episode Nine: The Master of The Gamerz

Cuddles meets the mastermind behind the most dangerous gang in the land.

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i gotta quit smoking!

great recovery, people have already said this on other vids of yours, but you definitely made a great recovery. first one wasn't that funny, second one was okay, but then you just shot right up. you're up there with ZP and Urealms now.

But first I'll need you to put on this dress.

lol thi crap is getting disturbing as hell! keep it up! I LOVE IT

You stole my cats name! I call him Mr. B. lol great episode! The leader seems a little dense, but don't worry me and my peeps we figured out how do get rid of them... we cant tell you cause its classified, but trust me there going down.

WOAH!! Jason Vorhees is the leader of all gamerz... :P

That was a really well done episode. I know the leader of the Gamerz is just a temporary character, but I really like him.

Seeing Cuddles in the pink dress and bow nearly killed me. Thanks for another Friday Jon.

"First I'm gonna need you to put on this dress..." Man that master gamer guy was the funniest part of this episode, I'm really getting into this series now.

I love the franks and beans bit. Keep it up. I love this show!

Interesting, prostitute mickey the TV show known as Mouseass and with Tony Danza the jackalope and the other Gamerz makes for strange and admittedly stupid but still funny jokes. Can't wait until Steve is kidnapped possibly destroying the Gamerz from within to escape.

Anyone else notice Twitchys wearing Crocs XD god I hate those shoes

I think I would completely revise my opinion of clowns if they carried porn. Great episode!

Great episode! But now, I can't stop saying Mr. Biscuits.

I love this series! I like Steve because my name is Steve.

This is the best episode yet! It's well-rounded and hilarious. That master gamer guy and his two minions were great.

As a side note, I'm definitely seeing some Mad Max here.

An NES that became self aware. Genius.

Has nobody else pointed out the Duck Hunt reference? That bit was genius.

Cuddles... in a dress...

That just... wow XD

Also, the Master Gamerz reminds me of that gang leader from The Road Warrior... don't even remember the name but yeah... Just thought I'd point that out o.o

Wow... Just wow. You are improving fast. If you keep improving like this, you might join yahtzee in tower of escapist gods, who knows, you might be the next rooster teeth too. and if keep going, you might as well go on adult swim. good work man, good work.

"It's gonna be fun... for you.."

Prostitute Mickey and Cuddles in a dress where awesome, I mean 'Mr. Biscuit'.

So the NES I have in storage may become self aware?.

An NES that became self aware. Genius.

indeed! also, awesome avatar!.

HAH! great episode Jon. I was waiting for some Mad Max Refs.

Hahahah cuddles looks fucking awesome in that dress and ribbion!
"So you want franks and beans?"
"No i dont like beans, what we should do is just mix the mall together"
"So well have franks and beans?"
"No I dont like beans"

And Mouseass was great too.
"Huk HuK! I got me a 12 gauge and gone sawed the barrel off!"

This show has really grown on me since its first few episodes. Some really great jokes in there, keep up the good work.

The busier than a 13 gigbabite processor bit makes no sense to me. Than again I don't understand computers well enough to get any technology reference now a' days.

Steve's pussy whipped.

This is getting to be my favorate thing on this site, keep up the amazing work.

This series keeps gettin better and better =D

Cuddles didn't fuss much over having to wear a pink dress... :P

LOL Man this is really picking up steam. "That's not my problem."

Best episode so far.

I like the idea of Cuddles being called Mr Biscuits, that was very funny. Keep this stuff up!

Also, do I see Gladys taking too much control over the relationship? Can't wait for next week's episode!

great work, can't wait for next episode. :)

The Gamerz are great. Totally random.
I'm really liking this show now.
The first few episodes felt really weak, but I think you really got it figured out now, can't wait to see where this is going.

Tony Danza the jackalope. Mouseass was good too. Especially the "Ahh, my groin, this is not funny!" part. Good job.

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