The Pocket Gamer Report: How Mobile Gets it Backwards

The Pocket Gamer Report: How Mobile Gets it Backwards

As console makers have discovered, the best retro games are not very retro at all.

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I would agree that specific reproductions from developers making retro games aren't all that retro. However the only condition I have is the concept that a cosmetic graphical update on mobile games means the game is no longer considered retro. The gameplay did change with SF2 HD remix as did Pac-man championship edition, but did monkey island have a gameplay change to make it non retro?

I ask this to have people ask themselves what would be a true retro game and a reproduction game. Does only one part of a game has to be overhauled to become a reproduction? Where do we as consumers put the value in advertising a video game that is old, yet new.

A very good article.

I agree that there is a threshold past which older games cease to be any kind of real entertainment but its really pretty subjective. Personally I think the monkey island they just revamped stood perfectly well on its own, not that I'm complaining they did it, I hear they did a good job and all. I just can't imagine how they did some of those parts where the gags relied on the ( now obsolete ) interface. [shrug] I will find out when I try it =) just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I think that first monkey island is a good example of the kind of game anyone could enjoy, its just a matter of getting newer gamers with modern gaming sensibilities to give it a chance. That thing is a classic for very good reason. I'm glad lucas arts saw fit to re-release it, and I hope they get around to grim fandango =) I can't get that one to run like it used to anymore.

Wow--fantastic article. It's great how you've distinguished between the two things we signify when we say "retro" and how they actually don't have much to do with each other.

Pocket Gamer:
... whose soul meaningful claim...

Running the spellchecker is never enough.

Nice article. It's gnice to see someone help give a definition to "retro" for the gaming industry.

What would you call Megaman (, though? It was designed to be an NES game, and the developers pruposefully tried to only do things that were within the limitations of the NES. So you have a game that follows the conventions of gaming twenty years ago, but you are playing an entirely new game.

Hrmmm...I disagree heavily.

For the Defense: M.U.L.E. (Cheers SaintWaldo) 26 years old, Paradroid : 24 years old : rereleased in 2004/2008 without changing anything, the eponymous Megaman, Back To School (Skool Daze), Chuckie Egg : 26 years old and the epic Gauntlet.

Any of these I'd be happy to pay for on a mobile platform.

Rootofallevil needs retro games, badly.

It's odd, because the old games have a nice, replayable charm in their original state. Mobile phones definitely butcher the games, and some games just need to give up and die. They say part of life is death, and it certainly seems to be the case with some games that just won't accept that. Constant revivals by mobile phone applications is a bit annoying, but that's not to say I disagree with The_root_of_all_evil. It is a point worth reinforcing because there ARE several retro games very much worth getting a hold of, especially if you can get a good version of it.
On the other hand, sometimes it's just torture trying to play some of the games. Crappy, nonresponsive controls, especially when timing is needed. And it's a pretty hard choice, because none of the mobile games can have a good storyline because A: They can't cram that much data into a downloadable packet to a mobile phone which would have enough trouble with that anyway and B: They need absolutely brilliant replay value, because we wouldn't fork out money for a 1-play game. Unless you have a applicationally efficent iPhone of some sort, I wouldn't try for too many games, because you might end up a bit worse off. (slightly more insane, homicidal, suicidal etc.) Good luck if you do!


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