Stolen Pixels #111: The Lesser of Two Evils

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Interesting theory Therumancer but the last two Call of Duty games were M-Rated and Modern Warfare 2 will most likely be as well. I believe this, as always, comes down to money. The rumour is Atari payed-off Activision and when EA refused to do the same, lawsuit happened.

I honestly don't think you can have a realistic game like Call of Duty, thats based soley on shooting people in the face and get a teen rating.

Damn you activision. I don't care why you ae sueing, all I care is you are trying to stop my most anticipated game from coming out.

If this lawsuit goes through, an army of metal loving gamers will rise up like the world has never seen before and march straight for activision. Ohh there will be blood my friends, there WILL be blood.

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