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Alternative Access

The way we game changes with the medium. And as the authors in this issue make abundantly clear, that medium may be changing faster than we realize.

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It's an issue about gaming without discs, brought to you by the magazine without paper. Enjoy!

I love this line. Very clever. Haven't read the articles yet, but the idea of having all those games on the drive kind of scares me. I like having the discs should something ever happen to my computer. Plus, if one of my friends ever wants to borrow it, I just have to hand it to them. All the 1's and 0's just don't feel the same to me I guess.

There are games I wouldn't mind downloading, (and I use Good Old Games for that), there are newer games I buy retail so I can sell them if I don't like them, and there are those classics that I will go through ebay to find.

I would hate it if we abandoned retail for a download-only model, and I would hate it even more if it was done in a Steam-like fashion with various downloaders and background applications needing to be run in order to use the game I've paid for.


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