Unforgotten Realms: Sir Schmoopy and the Goblet of Invisibility

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Sir Schmoopy and the Goblet of Invisibility

Our heroes continue their studies at Hogwats, but Professor Pinmissle has other plans for the school.

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Decent ep. Felt a little too short, though.

But isn't it rooves? Or is it roofs? Hmm.

So wait, does that mean Jacque is spying on them in the present time?

I was wondering just how many iterations of that memory joke weere going to happen. So far, I think my favorite version of that joke has to be Red Dwarf's "white hole."

Awesome episode, I'm happy to see the plot moving along.

Yeah it did feel a little short. Although the code names were fantastic.

Where the hell is Gaary during all this?

What do you know? Learning French in school actually paid off!

Translation: "What is this? There is a large pig in my pants and it is very..." *cough*cough*

I like how Jacque is using axes.

sacre bleu!

i cant wait for the plot twist where stingbeetle admits hes using steroids.

Sweet episode Rob. I got into this show a couple of days ago, and I'm loving every second of it. Great job.


Also, at the end, Immune to roofs? I laughed so hard.

good episode rob but does this mean that pin missle guy is good :o

The only problem I have with it is that its a little short, other than that its a 5\5 I loved it! :)


Awesome, I hope they lock Jacque into the axe.

OMG. Guy with axe was the professor in Hogwats.

What did this episode have to do with a goblet anyway?

i never thought of that good point

OMG. Guy with axe was the professor in Hogwats.

What did this episode have to do with a goblet anyway?

The goblet was there. It was invisible.

A bit short but still good

Lol Immunity to roofs XD and memory erasing spell was funny - I bet that this hot teacher is Smophy's grandma XD

Felt like this was missing the other half of an episode. Still good.

Good episode but a lil to much fill up from the i'm learning a spell stuff.
Also pin missile might be good since he was figthing jaque from the past,
Or they both were faking it so jaque could knock them out.
Jaque works for Maelstrom so we might see a meeting between all the members of the order of chaos and schmoopy and nailo --) Like jaque dragges them into the like underworld to maelstrom.

WELL enough explenations from me have a nice day all :)

When will the Harry Potter end!

Lol Immunity to roofs XD and memory erasing spell was funny - I bet that this hot teacher is Smophy's grandma XD

That would explain why Rob didn't roll a boner check.

Damn! why did I only learn German...

I'm pretty sure Douglas is going to become Timmy the evil.

Sweet, Unforgotten Realms is continuing its tradition of completely mindfucking the plot.

Looking forward to the explanations about all this stuff. Though it does seem as though these Harry Potter episodes are shorter than they should be.

And obviously, the Goblet was Invisible.

Is the goblet of invisibility a joke? Like it was in the episode but it was invisible? Funny episode anyway, liked the err... I forgot what it was that I liked but I learned this spell...

Jacque is a SPY!!!

great to see all the grandparents of the real time showing up
great episode btw, i hate it that i'm going to miss it 3 weeks :(

naa im pretty sure mr la strap gets turned into an axe. plus jacque never meets james in the present(future from now) he meets sir schmoopy instead and is discontinued and never brought outta roamin's backpack ever again yo.

hes in reldawin (reference: Episodes 34-36


nope just that mr la strap isnt working for the order of chaos and instead whoever that kholbold in episode 35 was.... pinmissle is still a pinmissle yo.. watch it'll turn out that the kholbold works for Douglas but douglas doesnt remember because he got amnesia and it turns out that douglas is the guy who ends up killing/destroying/turning nader and whatnot... in year seven of hogwats of course...

after he dies and what not. or if u read the spoilers before the book came out..... when he turns into a robot.

Every time I hear "Pin-missile Attack!", I picture Jolteon... Am I the only one doing that??

And my prediction from last week seems to have been correct, and that frenchie is in fact Jacque before he gets stuck in an axe. I agree that the episode did feel short, but it introduced a lot of new things (Frenchie, a new spell, that new female character, and also more of a chance for Douglas to be Timmy the Evil and not Roamin).

And if anyone did not see Pinmissile being a good guy coming, you haven't read the HP books, have you?

Sir Moops:
I'm pretty sure Douglas is going to become Timmy the evil.

idk dawg i just thought that too, but professor walrus did say but how are you going to do that Timmy, our characters aren't even directly connected to the storyline in episode 33 2 episodes after Douglas was introduced yo. although if he was it would make sense why he would want them dead in the future and also be extremely powerful, cuz obviously sir schmoopy bailed on him when he went back to the future and douglas got really pissed.....

so id say theres about a 40%chance rate on this.... oh and just for giggles yo, back when douglas reunites with his dad, the king, his dad calls him douglas, just thought that was worth mentioning.

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