Apocalypse Lane: Episode 10: Attack of The Gamerz

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Episode 10: Attack of The Gamerz

The Gamerz, and Mr. Biscuits, terrorize the residents of Apocalypse Lane.

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There is a conspiracy afoot!

The voice of bigworm... For one line


nice episode, btw it might just be me but i don't really like the Disney meets jackass show, its not really funny.

Great ep. I do like the mouseass show, I think it's hilarious. Thanks Jon.

Serious music + Cuddles driving a jeep in a pink dress = WIN

Wow.... I love this show. I thinks it's grown a lot and I now look forward to every Friday. The only problem is I don't have any videos for Tuesdays.

I'm agreeing with the sock-puppet guy. Just what is going on...

damn this show just keeps getting better

excellent episode! and what exactly is going on?

Another excellent episode, well done guys.

I loved that last line by the sock puppet. This series is getting good.

Haha wow, this show is starting to be one of my favorites on the site. It got better once it started getting a plot.

That was superb!


What's that B#### up to, and how is Willy involved and why do they need steve's house to have a roof.

"Ask and you shall receive."

Not an epic line, but I just love that rabbit... thing. Jackalope?

Anyway, great episode as always. I like the conspiracy twist at the end.

Hey you know whats nice, not knowing what the fuck is going on.

best. line. ever.

I think that "conspiracy" was just to get the fucking roof finished.

Ahahaaha! Great episode so far, they're getting funnier and funnier.. my favorite part was, "Oh goodie! A big fat ass pissin' on my damn house and cussin' like a sailor! You got a lot of nerve you fa-- ho-ley Jesus look at the size of that thing".. I couldn't stop laughing, lol.

The Mickey mouse and Goofy parts always have me killed. "Ooh look, I've dropped the soap..."

The one in a previous ep was the best though with the shotgun haha. I also love the fact the gamerz leader gets tourette's when he pees! Classic.

Excellent vid!

Cliffhanger.... :/

Awesome episode! One of the best ones yet! (darn! I say that about every new episode and its true every time xD).

And a cliffhanger-conspiracy cool.

PS. Why didn't the tumor (Steve's tumor ofc) say anything in this episode?

I'm agreeing with the sock-puppet guy. Just what is going on...

Willie (gay zombie) and Gladys (tentacle fag hag) conspired to get Cuddles away from "The Lane"* but Willie takes issue with Steve getting taking by the gamerz too, since he said "I didn't sign up for this, Steve's just an innocent bystander!"

But Gladys is obviously a mean spirited bitch, on par with Cuddles, and doesn't care that Steve is in trouble.
*sorry I find it too difficult to spell apocalypse

I absolutely love this show, I've got several people hooked on it after showing them the poker night episode, including my sister who has to watch it before work on a Saturday.

the video dosent play

God I love that sock puppet, he's hilarious. Is there going to be an episode where he gets free of Mr. Hickey's hand?

Great episode, I'm loving the Mouseass! Humongouid(spellcheck?) is getting better, not as annoying. The sock puppet is hilarious too!

Great ep. I really like how instead of just going for straight up laughs, Apocalypse lane is also going for a mystery/suspense sort of plot. Nice to see something a little dif. (not that there is anything wrong with straight up laughs).

I love the Prostitute Mickey references, and where the plots headed.

Still think Cuddles enjoys his dress too much. :P

The 'are we there yet' thing has been over-done. I liked the conker's bad fur day reference though...

Funniest episode yet. The big guy was killer.

i knew it. its a conspiracy to get Steve's roof fixed. Glady is just using Steve.

Funny after 1:20. You know, that cursing without much reason or substance or "are we there yet" wasn't funny even in slightest... in fact, I almost turned off the video just because it was so stupid.

But all in all, wasn't that bad.

That's probably one of the most innocuous conspiracies ever.

I'm kind of sad that there was no shanking, though. I was expecting Pumper to stick that thing in someone.

Gotta love how Big worm talks :D

lmao very funny, great as always

Humongo: Tell them what i like to do in my spare time.

Twitchy: He enjoys long walks on the beach...

Willie: And he has a big dick.

Twitchy: And he has a big di...wait, i'm not saying that.


ROFL @ the music when gladis get on the screen, its so damn BAD it made me ROFL... aaaaw man, funny stuff.

EDIT: Theres nothing to clic on.... just... just dont clic that link, lead no where... aaaw you did ah, you damn curious muppet. Told you, lead no where.

I love this show.

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