Alt+Escape: Corpse Craft

Alt+Escape: Corpse Craft

Corpse Craft is a puzzle-action-strategy game with a wonderfully macabre aesthetic.

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This tickles my fancy it does but not at the moment.

i dont care. it has zombies. zombies = win

Multiplayer seems free... for at least 4 players at once :)
I like it :)

Ralph? Jack? Madhouse in the absence of adult supervision? I like the Lord of the Flies reference. =3

i just played it. cool concept.

the exploding dogs are supposed to be weak against the defenders? hmm i always used 5-6 of them to blow enemy defenses up before i clawed them down

Funny that Jack's the hero and Ralph's the villain. Or is he?

I find this game addicting!

Corpsecraft? More like Lovecraft :D

That's a pretty fun idea... I might try the game.

Kinda boring and slow to start, but at least it has fucking LIMB LOBBING ZOMBIES! My dream came true <3

Why, Necromancy is banned in the Imperial lands. Wait till the guards hear of this!

You have violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.

Almost a year after this article was published, it's not relevant anymore (and probably never was to most), but Eygor Weardd is actually an anagram of Edward Gorey...

That was funny, I noticed the Lord of the Flies reference too when I was playing this game! It was a fun little game, but took a second to figure out what was going on. I LOVE the style of the game. Even though it's just a cartoon game, the game and sound are both definitely eerie. Maybe it was because I was playing with earphones on, but who knows. It's a fun game, but not as addictive as some other games that I have played recently.


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